3 Quick Breakfasts to Have Before a Morning Workout to Burn More Carbs

When and what you eat can greatly influence the way your body processes food. Here, the best breakfasts to have before (yes, not after) a workout to reap the most benefits from your sweat sesh.

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fruit, yogurt and oats
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Your morning meal is officially an overachiever: New research shows that eating breakfast before exercising preps your body to burn more carbs during your workout and metabolize food faster after working out. Here are three time-saving swaps to make breakfast possible before your sunrise sweat sesh.

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holos overnight muesli


Don’t sacrifice a wink of shut-eye for meal prep. Instead, toss this pouch of organic whole grains, nuts and seeds in your fave milk overnight and you’ll have a heavy hit of protein, fibre and probiotic bacteria to boot.

Have a little more time on your hands? Whip up our Apple & Walnut Muesli.

Holos Overnight Muesli, $30 per tasting kit (by subscription), liveholos.com

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evive smoothie cubes


Simply pop six of these smoothie cubes into a bottle, add water or milk, shake it and you have a smoothie complete with fruit, veggies and plant-based protein. Bonus: The pack is biodegradable, and there’s no blender required. (Also, check out the superfood powders to add to your smoothies.)

Evive Smoothie Cubes, $10 for a pack of three, evivesmoothie.com

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burst protein drink


If coffee is the only thing you can stomach in the morning, opt for Brüst. This pre-and post-workout drink is a twofer: high-quality, grass-fed protein (20 grams) and cold-brew coffee. (Prefer a regular hot brew? Check out these ways to make your coffee healthier.)

Brüst Protein Drink, $5, brustberverages.com

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada

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