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Our Insider Secrets For Buying New Running Shoes You’ll Actually Wear

You want a pair of shoes that will not only look good, but feel good on your feet too. That’s why we created this new running shoes buyers guide.

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new running shoes New Balance 880v7

Time for some new running shoes?

Did you know you should retire your shoes after running about 500 to 700 kilometres? That’s about 100 5K runs, and 50 10K runs – you get the math. And for the avid runner, that could mean a pair of new running shoes every six months or so. If you are just getting into running, then it would be longer. A good sign you need new running shoes? When you start feeling the ground through your soles.

We want more wear out of our shoes, experts tell us to check out the soles before we buy a pair. Look for different colours and patterns on the sole, like on these, which manufacturers often use to indicate extra support.

For more new running shoes buying tips, keep reading.

New Balance 880V7, $ at

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new running shoes Reebok Floatrides

Check the fit

Give yourself a thumbnail’s width between your toe and the end of your shoe – your foot might swell that much when your blood is pumping.

This new running shoe has the best of both worlds – a soft upper and a structured fit. The roomy toe bed is perfct for committed runners and long distance fans.

Reebok Floatride Run Ultraknit, $180 at

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new running shoes nike air zoom pegasus 34

Check the midsole

This is where the cushioning and support are found. This part sometimes includes double-density or thermoplastic foam in strategic areas to stabilize or correct your stride if your foot rolls in or out when you are running.

We like these for the midsole. This new running shoe has solid support with a sleek shape. The heel impact is softened, too.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 34, $145 at

Best Health Fact: For every hour you run, you may extend your life by seven hours, according to a 2017 study published in progress in cardiovascular disease.

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new running shoes ASICS Dynaflyte 2

Check the outsole

The bottom is often made with super-light blown rubber or blown carbon rubber. If you’re running on trails, look for a thicker outsole with more prominent “lugs,” or grips, for traction.

This new running shoe is a solid performer. The construction allows for your foot to have room (which we are grateful for because of the foot sliding forward with each step and of course foot swelling). And the sole is the grippiest one of this bunch.

Asics Dynaflyte 2, $180 at

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new running shoes Adidas Ultraboost X All terraine

Check the upper

Often made of synthetic mesh to help the foot breathe, the upper should offer a snug and comfortable fit. If you’re using your shoes to hit the muddy path, you may want to look for a water-resistant material.

These sock-like shoes are completely seamless, making them the most comfortable new running shoes for us this season. And although we did not test them out on anything other than a beautiful fall day, these shoes are meant for all weather, gripping to wet and dry pavement.

Adidas UltraBoost X All Terrain, $270 at

Originally Published in Best Health Canada