How to Treat and Prevent Fine Lines Around the Eyes 

An expert shares tips for preventing crow's feet and the best products to treat it.

Sure, crow’s feet seem pretty inevitable. You might even argue that they’re evidence of a life well lived since fine lines around the corners of the eyes are caused partly by lots of big smil­ing. But let’s be honest, crow’s feet are also more pronounced when we’re squinting at screens or into the sun because we’ve misplaced our sunglasses yet again. And they’re not always as flattering as we’d like to think. Fortunately, there are a few things we can do to fight these fine lines.

“The focus should be on taking good care of the skin around the eyes to soften these wrinkles and protect the area from the ele­ments,” says Dr. Monica Li, a der­matologist and clinical instructor in the department of dermatology and skin science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

“This skin is some of the thin­nest on the body, so aging changes tend to show up first in this area,” she says. As we get older, our skin gradually loses its natural colla­gen, leading to less volume to sup­port the skin. This loss, coupled with repeated use of the orbicu­laris oculi muscles, which allow us to squeeze our eyes shut, squint and smize, contributes to fine lines. “External factors include cumulative UV light exposure and environmental pollution, both of which have been scientifically shown to cause signs of prema­ture aging,” says Dr. Li. (This product can help prevent your skin from environmental stressors.)

Sleeping on your face, which squishes the skin, including around the eyes, can also contrib­ute to wrinkles. Dr. Li recommends sleeping on your back and switching to a silk pillowcase.”Unlike cotton, silk absorbs much less moisture, and hydration reduces the appearance of wrin­kles;’ she says.

To scale back on squinting, increase the font size on docu­ments you’re reading and avoid long periods of uninterrupted screen time. Tapping SPF lotion right up to the eye area (without getting too close to the eyes) and wearing your shades and/or a sunhat will help protect against UV damage.

When it comes to products, using the right stuff is para­mount. “An eye cream designed specifically for this area to target wrinkles, increase hydration and address other aging concerns can be both preventative and repara­tive,” says Dr. Li.

Some key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, ceramides, retinol, vitamin C and caffeine.”Depending on the ingredients, an eye cream can have moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-inflamma­tory effects,” she says. “It can also reduce puffiness and firm up or brighten skin in the area.”

Application Tip: A little dab’ll do ya! Using your ring finger, gently tap a pea-sized amount of product around both eyes, from the orbital bone to the temple. Eye cream shouldn’t be applied to your lids or right under your rashes.

dermalogica eye cream | treat and prevent fine lines around eyesImage Credit: Dermalogica


This eye cream is supercharged with an ultra-stable vitamin C complex to brighten and firm skin around the eye area.

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum, $98,

klorane eye patches | treat and prevent fine lines around eyesImage Credit: Klorane


For an easy under-eye boost, try a hydrating mask. These patches can help smooth and plump the area for an instant pick-me-up. Pro tip: Store under-eye masks in the fridge for an extra-cooling effect.

Klorane Smooth­ing and Relaxing Patches with Soothing Cornflower, $17, Rexall

veriphy eye cream | treat and prevent fine lines around eyesImage Credit: Veriphy


This eye cream works to firm and hydrate the delicate skin around your peepers while you catch a few winks.

Veriphy 20/20 Eye Cream, $82,

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada