Beginner’s Guide To Crystals: The Stones You Need To Know About

What do the different crystals mean? What ones should you get? Find out about the 10 most popular crystals you can buy in our beginner’s guide to crystals.

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Beginners guide to crystals and their uses
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Beginners Guide To Crystals

Crystals and their “powers” are trending right now. Pretty much everyone and their mother is selling them. Including North and Saint’s mom! (Kim Kardashian West just launched a perfume line and each bottle comes with a small collection of crystals.) And Spencer Pratt has his line. (Remember him from The Hills?) And there is even a Canadian juicing company that includes crystals in its drinks. wanted to learn more about them and their buzzy appeal.

Although their “healing powers” aren’t used within the medical community (or the science and research communities either), we still wanted to learn more about them. That’s why we connected with Diane Kewley, owner of crystal retailer Happy Soul in Toronto. She breaks down what we need to know about buying our first crystals in our beginner’s guide to crystals.

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beginners guide to crystals clear quartz
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Getting centred

Clear quartz is a very pretty crystal. It’s transparent and clean.

The crystal expert says: “Clear Quartz is the master crystal – this stone is known for its properties of amplifying and magnifying energy,” says Kewley. “It centers you and connects to the highest energy vibration.”

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beginner's guide to crystals, purple amethyst
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Purple reign

It’s is not just the birthstone for February babies.

The crystal expert says: “Amethyst helps connect to your intuition and initiates greater understanding,” says Kewley, who often leads mediations at her store. She adds that keeping the stone near you may help to improve sleep and the ability to remember your dreams.

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beginners guide to crystals lepidolite
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Flower power

This is one of the prettiest crystals in our guide to crystals. We just love its pinkish-lilac hue.

The crystal expert says: Kewley often recommends lepidolite to clients who may be experiencing stress or anxiety. “It carries a calming relaxation and soothing energy that quiets the mind and emotions,” she says.

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beginners guide to crystals, blue lace agate
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Feeling lacy

The cool lines and delicate nature of this crystal give the blue lace agate its name.

The crystal expert says: In crystal speak, this crystal is “connected to the throat chakra.” That means that these stones are used to help with speaking and hearing (ears are connected to the throat. “Blue lace agate brings tranquility to speak your truth and express yourself – perfect to also keep you from feeling stressed or frazzled,” says Kewley.

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beginners guide to crystals green aventurine
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Going green

It’s no surprise to us that green is associated with energy, which is why it is in our beginner’s guide to crystals. It’s like a green light saying let’s go!

The crystal expert says: This crystal seems to have benefits that run the gamut. “Green aventurine aids in well-being of the heart, helping to clear energy blocks,” says Kewley. “It also promotes good fortune and opportunities for success.”

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beginners guide to crystals citrine
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Not-so-mellow yellow

In jewelry, we love the luxe and expensive feel of citrine. Let’s find out what is is used for.

The crystal expert says: “Citrine is a grounding crystal that brings in an abundance of wealth, prosperity and success,” says Kewley.

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beginners guide to crystals carnelian
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The perfect red

Red always defines sex appeal – from red lipstick, flushed cheeks and even a little red dress. But what about red stones?

The crystal expert says: “Carnelian brings an energy of fiery determination and is the stone of sexuality and flow, that encourages fertility and creativity,” says Kewley.

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beginners guide to crystals black tourmaline
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Fade to black

Black stones aren’t very popular when it comes to jewelry, but as a crystal it does have its fans.

The crystal expert says: “Black Tourmaline purifies and neutralizes imbalances, absorbing negativity and electromagnetic pollution,” says Kewley. She recommends putting this crystal near phones, computers and tablets to absorb any not-so positive communications.

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