What Is A Soul Coach? And Do You Need One?

Guidance is always a good thing. Who couldn’t use a bit of help. But what is a soul coach and do you really need one? We find out.

What is a soul coach, a woman talking to another woman on her couchphoto credit shutterstock

I had to ask, what is a soul coach?

When I first heard the term soul coach, I immediately had visions of Spencer Pratt and his crystals and imagined the experience to be much like the fortune teller scene in Mall Rats – minus the topless part, of course. I like to think I’m a logical and practical person, so I just thought the only coaching I would ever need would be more along the sidelines or in the gym.

But, I’m also the same person who finds relief in learning that mercury is in retrograde – it’s not me, it’s this universe! I also check my horoscope almost daily and will wake up to Google find out why I dreamed what I dreamed.

I’m human. I’m complex. We all are. I wanted to find out why we need nudges, signs and reassurances. So, when offered an interview with soul coach Michelle Armstrong, I just had to ask…

What is a soul coach?

“In my role as a soul coach, I help people all over the world develop a deeper understanding and awareness about their authentic and spiritual self, so they can live a more fulfilling, passionate and rewarding life. I teach clients how to develop their innate intuition and manage their thinking and emotions so they can transform their health, achieve their goals, improve their relationships, strengthen their faith, manifest financial abundance, be of service to others, live their purpose and thrive during challenging times in life.”

When trusting your gut or intuition, how do you know what is the natural choice and what is just a quick decision for immediate benefit?

“Learning to discern between intuitive insight and the workings of our own mind takes time and practice. While some of us are born with a developed ability, everyone can learn to tap into their intuition at will if they want to. Intuition is not a ‘gift’ given to some. It’s an ability we all possess.

“Each person receives intuitive guidance in their own unique ways. Some people are clairvoyant [in that] they see pictures inside their minds, some are clairaudient [where] they hear words and phrases, some people get a ‘sense’ or ‘gut feeling’ or just ‘know’, while others experience a combination of two or more like myself.

“Learning to identify intuitive guidance and creative inspiration takes focused effort, attention and time. One of the first practices I recommend to all my clients is meditation. It is necessary to first be able to observe how your own mind works before you can then silence it and identify how intuitive information comes through to you.”

What blocks us from trusting ourselves? And how can we make better decisions?

“Fear and disbelief block our ability to identify and act on our intuition. Since most of us weren’t raised to be aware of our intuition – let alone trust it – we don’t recognize intuitive impressions when we are receiving them. Then if we do, we are often too afraid to act on our hunches because of our limiting beliefs.

“The more we start listening to and acting on the intuitive impressions we receive, the more we start to realize how real intuition is and how powerful and helpful it can be in our lives.”

What would you suggest for someone who regrets a decision they’ve made?

“We all make mistakes and we have all made choices and decisions we regret. But instead of viewing these past actions as mistakes and failures, I suggest experiencing them as lessons and opportunities you can learn from and grow.

“The only power you have now is what you choose to do in this moment. The past is gone. Instead surrender to this moment now. Look for the spiritual gifts inside your past decisions and actions and make a profound decision now, today, this very moment, to act and decide differently in your future.”