5 Hollywood skin secrets

Want glowing, healthy skin like your favourite celeb? Try these skin secrets from a Hollywood dermatologist

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When celebrities hit the red carpet, they are expected to flaunt flawless, radiant skin. But healthy skin isn’t just for Hollywood stars-with a few simple skincare tips, you can enjoy star-worthy skin every day.

To learn the secrets of Hollywood skin care, we turned to California-based dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr. Will Kirby, who has appeared on popular television shows such as Big Brother, Dr. 90210 and The Young and the Restless. “I believe that the quality of your skin is your first impression,” says Dr. Kirby. “People in L.A. have beautiful skin, but if you have the right information, you can have beautiful skin no matter where you live.” Here are his five best tips for a great complexion.

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1. Don’t leave home without sunscreen

“A broad-spectrum sunscreen is imperative,” says Kirby, who is a spokesperson for skin-care company Neutrogena. Kirby found out that he had skin cancer after appearing on Big Brother in 2001. Since then, he has become a huge proponent of sunscreen. “Women are much more comfortable embracing skincare than men,” says Dr. Kirby. “So ladies, you need to get your men on sunscreen. Whether it’s your boyfriend, your husband, your father or your male child. They need to understand that it’s important.”

When looking for a new sunscreen, Kirby suggests that you select a formula that has a minimum SPF factor of 30. “Some days I even wear SPF 85,” he says. Also look for a formula that is broad-spectrum, meaning that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. And be sure to re-apply every four hours.

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2. Fight the signs of aging with retinol

It is possible to achieve youthful, radiant skin like your favourite celeb without the help of surgery or fillers. The secret is to look for skin creams that contain retinol. “Retinol is well established and widely accepted in the world of dermatology,” says Kirby. “Products that contain stabilized retinol are a must-have, because they help to increase surface cell renewal.” However, he cautions that with any skincare regime, you must be consistent. As you age, cell turnover can take anywhere from 35 to 57 days. “Any product you use, it’s going to take that long to see results,” he says. Be patient!

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3. Don’t underestimate diet and exercise

It may be a cliché to say “you are what you eat,” but it really is possible to eat your way to better skin. “Make sure you’re getting plenty of foods with antioxidants, like blueberries,” says Kirby.  Click through for a list of healthy foods for glowing skin.

And don’t forget to stick to your workouts. “Exercise increases blood flow, which is great for your skin,” says Kirby. Aside from helping to deliver important nutrients to your skin, a good sweat session will also eliminate skin-sabotaging toxins from your system and give you a nice, rosy glow.

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4. Don’t fall for fads

“There are a lot of trendy products out there right now, like goji berry creams. They’re sexy, but not clinically proven,” Kirby warns. His advice: your focus shouldn’t be on what’s new, but on what works. “Don’t jump on things until they’ve been proven,” he cautions. So before you rush out to spend your hard-earned dollars on the latest products, do a little research and make sure that the “magic ingredient” will really benefit your skin.

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5. Find a dermatologist

If you’re looking for an expert opinion on your specific skincare needs, or have nagging skin issues that need to be addressed, it may help to seek out a dermatologist. With so many skin care experts out there, it can be difficult to know which doctor is right for you. Kirby’s top tip? “Find someone who’s a great teacher,” he says. “I really like being a teacher and having the opportunity to educate people about their skin.” As well, make sure the skincare expert you see has the proper credentials. Find a certified dermatologist on the Canadian Dermatology Association website.

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