Niacinamide and Your Skin: Benefits—Plus Expert Tips on Using It

Here's what to know about the benefits of niacinamide or niacinamide serum. Plus: How to use it in your skin care routine and why it pairs so well with other ingredients.

Here’s How Often You Should Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliating is great for your skin—but exactly how often you should exfoliate your face depends on a few factors.

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Natural Deodorant Reviews: Which Ones Pass Our Sweat Test?

We put these natural deodorant brands through some of Toronto’s sweatiest workouts. Read on to find out which ones passed...

Are Facial Cleansing Brushes Really Worth It?

An experts shares when they can be good and bad for your skin.

Is Goat Milk Soap Good for Your Skin?

Goat milk soap does have benefits. It can help soothe irritated, sensitive skin and may help reduce symptoms of eczema...

How to Find the Right Vitamin C Serum for You

A dermatologist shares what to look for.

Facial Steamer vs. Facial Humidifier: What’s the Difference?

Facial steamers and humidifiers create a mist of water, but that's where their similarities end. Check out why you might...

What Is a Facial Steamer? Here’s What You Need to Know

A facial steamer produces a warm mist that can help target skin issues like clogged pores. Here's how to use...

What to Know About Peptides in Skin Care

Peptides are a hot trend, but can they really give you plump, glowy skin? Dermatologists weigh in on whether they...

6 Reasons to Book a Professional Skin Consultation Now

Concerned about your skin? Giselle Curcio, AlumierMD’s global director of education and development, explains why a professional skin consultation is...

February 2021’s Buzziest Skin-Care Launches

If you're struggling with dry winter skin, fear not: here are the best new skincare products available in Canada to...

What to Know Before Booking a Laser Treatment for Your Face

A dermatologist shares what questions to ask, and how to achieve your desired result.

15 Anti-Aging Tips Dermatologists Won’t Tell You for Free

There's a wide array of skin-care products and procedures that are said to improve the signs of aging—but which ones...

How Do I Deal With Body Acne?

Don’t let body breakouts break you. We’ve got the fix for acne below the neck.

Does Facial Reflexology Work?

Facial reflexology is an alternative medicine treatment that proponents claim can heal many parts of the body. Here's what the...

10 Healing Face Oils Your Skin Needs in Cold Weather

Learn about facial oils and their ability to balance moisture, refine pores, reduce blemishes, and boost radiance, for all skin...

Could Psychodermatology Be the Key to Healthier Skin?

It might be worth asking your dermatologist.

Does Blue Light Therapy for Acne Work?

Blue light therapy for acne is a treatment that's safe for many people. Here's how to know if it's a...

Should You Choose Vegan Skin Care Products? Here’s What You Should Know

Dermatologists explain what "vegan" means in skin care and what to look for when buying vegan skin care products.

3 Resolutions to Make for Healthy Winter Skin

Baby, it’s cold outside! You know what that means? Skin woes. The first thing to break down in frigid temps...

Tips to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Reveal smooth and healthy-looking skin all year round with these expert tips!

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The Skin Care Ingredients This Derm Always Recommends

Confused about what your skin really needs? Dr. Kucy Pon, a Toronto-based dermatologist, breaks down the top skin care ingredients,...

Should You Buy Organic Skin Care? What Dermatologists Want You to Know

Dermatologists explain what "organic" means when it comes to skin care and discuss whether you should buy only organic skin...

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The Best Sleeping Facial Masks for Brighter, Smoother Skin

Take your beauty sleep to the next level with these overnight sleeping facial masks for a brighter and smoother complexion...

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Skin Smooth All Winter Long

In the wintertime, it's all about keeping your skin moist and combatting any dryness.

Facial Cupping Will De-Puff Your Face While Relieving Built-Up Tension

We tried the beauty trend that promises to deliver a healthy glow to your skin, and found some other surprise...

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11 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric That May Just Change Your Beauty Routine

This kitchen spice also has powerful beauty benefits.

Does Your Nose Appear Large and Red? You May Have This Type of Rosacea

If your nose suddenly appears large and red, you may have a rare subtype of rosacea. Here's what you need...

Is BHA the Missing Ingredient in Your Skin Care Routine?

Beta-hydroxy acids can be very helpful for people who have acne, oily skin, and aging concerns. Board-certified dermatologists suggest how...

Do Pimple Patches Actually Work?

Pimple patches, or zit stickers, are trending in skin care, but how well they work depends on the type of...