Our best healthy salmon recipes

Salmon is full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and tons of flavour. Try some of our best healthy salmon recipes to help boost your intake

Our best healthy salmon recipes

Source: Web exclusive: September 2008

Whether you want to eat heart-healthy, trim a few pounds or simply love seafood, here are our some of our best healthy salmon recipes for you to try.

Salmon with Spiced Citrus Kefir Sauce
Classic broiled salmon is livened up with citrus, spices, honey and kefir.

Maple Baked Salmon with Chopped Almonds
The delectable flavour of baked salmon marinated with sweet maple dressing and topped with almonds makes this dish taste so good it will definitely become a mealtime staple.

French Roasted Salmon
This quick but sophisticated roasted salmon entrée is great for dinner with friends or for a family occasion.

Northwest Salmon Chowder
Chowder is a classic meal-in-a-bowl. This recipe is hearty and chunky for the chilly days ahead.

Salmon Salad with Peas and Dill
High in protein and in flavour, this healthy salmon salad is a refreshing take on fish and peas.

Salmon Chowder with Buttery Crumb Topping
A tasty and good-for-you main dish, this salmon chowder also has the healthy fish oils your body needs.

Puget Sound Fish Chowder
Here is a delightful salmon chowder recipe that is as good for you as it tastes.

Salmon and Tomato Chowder
This chowder recipe is flavoured with lean bacon, leeks and tomatoes and thickened with potatoes, all of which provide the perfect background for the protein-packed salmon.

Smoked Salmon on Mixed Greens
Smoked salmon has slightly lower amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than fresh salmon but, like other oily fish, it provides a rich source of these essential nutrients.

Salmon Chowder
This heart-healthy salmon chowder recipe calls for low-fat milk’replace with higher-fat milk or cream if you prefer a richer chowder.

Walnut Stuffed Salmon
This recipe packs a heart-healthy punch as both salmon and walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. The addition of brown rice and spinach rounds out the nutritional balance and boasts delectable flavour.

Poached Salmon Steaks with Horseradish and Chive Sauce
A light and tasty dish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Broiled Salmon with Avocado-Mango Salsa
If you like, make a small amount of lemon vinaigrette and toss with the lettuce before placing the salmon and salsa on top.

Summer Salmon and Asparagus
Fresh young vegetables and succulent salmon make this casserole highly nutritious, and it is also quick to prepare. Choose tiny leeks, tender asparagus and sugar-snap peas, all of which add visual appeal to the dish. Serve boiled new potatoes to complete the meal.

Salmon with Tarragon Mayonnaise
Fresh salmon is readily available all year round. This deliciously healthy dish can be served warm or cold, with a green leaf salad tossed with snow peas or green beans, and some crusty whole-wheat bread.

Tropical Salmon Salad
Conjure up the colours and flavours of a tropical island with this unusual warm salad. The rich flavour of salmon is perfectly balanced by the gentle acidity of orange and the sweetness of mango and papaya.

Japanese Sushi Rolls
Japanese food tends to be low in fat, and these stylish sushi rolls are no exception. Now that the ingredients are available in grocery stores, it is easy to make them yourself. You must use sushi rice, which is sticky when cooked.

Salmon Cakes with Creamy Tomato-Garlic Sauce
Give those fatty beef burgers a miss and try these heart-healthy, thick, juicy salmon ‘burgers’ instead. And while you’re at it, leave the ketchup in the fridge and slather the salmon patties with a homemade tomato-garlic sauce.

Roast Salmon Strips with Potato Salad
This elegant entree is what the French would call a ‘salade composée”a salad where the elements are arranged separately. In this healthy example, salmon shares the spotlight with a light potato salad and a healthy helping of greens.

What’s your favourite way to prepare salmon? Share it with other readers in the comments below.

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