3 healthy comfort-food recipes

Fresh-food chef Paul Finkelstein has put a healthy spin on some of your favourite classic dishes. Give one of these healthy comfort food recipes a try

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Guilt-free comfort food

When my family is invited to a potluck dinner, the expectation is that I’ll bring a healthy dish. And I do. I like the opportunity to show that food that’s not too high in fat can still be flavourful-especially when it features fresh ingredients. These three recipes are a great example of dishes that are normally high in fat, but with substitutions can please the palate and eliminate guilt.

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artichoke dip

Artichoke Dip

The artichoke is a wonder food with fibre and antioxidants including vitamin C. My artichoke dip is surprisingly creamy, yet it doesn’t contain cream or mayo. It’s great as an appetizer spread on whole-grain crackers, or as a dip for vege­tables. Try it warmed or add it to mashed potatoes for a side dish with a garlicky twist.

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caesar salad

Lightened-Up Creamy Caesar Salad

The dressing for my version of Caesar salad is healthier because I use fat-free sour cream and plain, low-fat yogurt for the dressing. Turkey bacon is an excellent substitute for regular bacon as it adds a smoky element and crunch, without all the fat.

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mediterranean meatloaf

Mediterranean Meatloaf

My students love my Mediterranean meatloaf recipe and didn’t realize I had swapped the ground beef for turkey-which is leaner-when I served it at our high school’s Screaming Avocado cafeteria. The olives and feta add texture and delicious flavour. Enjoy!

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