15 Apps That Will Push You Harder, Make You Faster And (Of Course!) Healthier

Get your iPhone and your Apple Watch. Here are 15 apps you’ll want to download – and they’re totally worth the data.

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healthy apps you need to download
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You’d have to be living under a flip phone to not notice the growth of health apps in the App Store. Apple has partnered with some healthy-savvy app developers to create healthy apps that are more personal, more interactive and, frankly, more effective.

“We’re so excited by the work our developers are doing to create health and fitness apps across the Apple ecosystem that are more powerful than ever in helping our customers live a better day and a healthier life,” says Jay Blahnik, director of fitness for Health Technologies at Apple.

That’s why I rounded up the healthy apps I’m taking notice of and why. Check them out.

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healthy apps yogaglo
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1. YogaGLO

If you’re a yogi on the reg, you’ll love the variety of yoga workouts. And if you’re new to yoga, you too will love the variety. There are over 4,000 workouts ranging from five to 120 minutes, including yoga while traveling, yoga for fertility, sports-specific yoga and so much more. I recommend any session by Sara Clark. The NYC-based yogi’s voice is calming and her form is perfection.

YogaGLO, itunes.com

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Healthy apps Sweat With Kayla
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2. Sweat With Kayla

You’ve likely come across a Kayla Itsines’s before and after testimonials on your Facebook feed. The Australian trainer has a cult following of dedicated clients. The do-anywhere exercises are all about HIIT, boosting the metabolism with quick and efficient workouts. You can also hook this app up on your Apple Watch, so you don’t have to keep checking your phone for the next move.

Sweat With Kayla, itunes.com.

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healthy apps beach body on demand
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3. Beach Body on Demand

First there was P90X, and then there was Beachbody. Now there is Beachbody On Demand. This customizable workout program works with your Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and caloric burn, and your iPhone to connect with the HealthKit app to update your health data.

Beach Body on Demand, itunes.com.

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healthy apps My Swim Pro
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4. MySwimPro

The biggest complaint about fitness trackers I’ve heard from athletic friends is that they don’t accurately track swimming. This app addresses that. The Apple Watch’s motion sensor can determine the type of stroke you do and the distance and how many laps you do in a workout for bang-on data.

MySwimPro, itunes.com.

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healthy apps calm
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5. Calm

Want to chill instantly? This app guides your breathing to slow down your heart rate and your thoughts. But don’t take my word for it. It’s a top Apple app, with more than 11 million downloads and over 500,000 five-star reviews.

Calm, itunes.com.

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healthy apps Jillian Michaels – Training and Meal Plans
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6. Jillian Michaels – Training and Meal Plans

You can watch Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser or you can hit up a GoodLife gym to take one of her BodyShred classes. But if you want a more one-on-one experience with the tough love trainer, download her app. The customizable workouts are built from more than 550 exercises. But the part of the app I’m excited about is the meal plans, which can be modified for meat, vegan and paleo diets.

Jillian Michaels – Training and Meal Plans, itunes.com.

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healthy apps Nike Run Club
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7. Nike+ Run Club

This app is an all-round running coach. From motivational notifications encouraging you to hit the pavement, GPS tracking, personalized running programs, goal setting and data collecting, which can help you “unlock achievements.” After you download, all you need are your shoes.

Nike+ Run Club, itunes.com.

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healthy apps headspace
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8. Headspace

I once met the guys behind Headspace, and their passion for meditation is contagious. And you can see it in the app. They make meditating very achievable with their step-by-step guidance. Each meditation has a purpose (make your commute a bit smoother, get you in a meditative state for running, even cool your nerves and more).

Headspace, itunes.com.

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healthy apps Meal Prep Pro
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9. MealPrepPro

Not only is this app a diet journal (for two!), it’s a nutritionist-approved source for recipes. You see the macros, video step-by-step instructions and more. It also links into your Health App to log your calories and nutrients, such as carbs, fat and protein.

MealPrepPro, itunes.com.

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healthy apps lose it
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10. Lose It!

Use the app and you lose the weight. That’s the M-O of this calorie counter app. You log what you eat and it informs you how many calories (and macros) you have left for the day. But the coolest part (I think), is how you can scan the barcode of foods for the app to access the nutritional information of packaged foods (yes, some can be healthy).

Lose It!, itunes.com.

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healthy apps sea hero quest
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11. Sea Hero Quest

This app blew my mind. Not because it’s a game – although it is. It’s a research tool for dementia scientists. You see, as you play this video game, navigating routes in water, you’re not wasting time. What you’re doing is giving researchers insight into how sense our sense of direction and dementia are related, which will hopefully lead to early diagnosis recommendations.

Sea Hero Quest, itunes.com

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healthy apps One Drop
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12. One Drop

This app is the one-stop shop for those with diabetes. The award-winning app tracks health data, including blood glucose readings, insulin use, carb counts, and physical activity, which can be used to create daily, weekly and monthly reports. All which can be shared with caregivers who can use this information to monitor your health.

One Drop, itunes.com.

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healthy apps glow nurture
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13. Glow Nurture

There are a ton of pregnancy trackers out there, but this app digs a bit deeper for a more personalized tracker. Instead of just telling you the size of your “bean” and what the expected developments would be, this app tracks your symptoms (you know, morning sickness, aches, etc.) and medical data (think: weight, blood pressure, and more) and so much more. And your partner can get synced in on their iPhone.

Glow Nurture, itunes.com.

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healthy apps pregnancy webMD
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14. WebMD Pregnancy

If you’ve ever googled your symptoms, you’ve likely ended up on WebMD. So cut out the middle man by just downloading the pregnancy app. The trusted Symptom Tracker is there, as is the doctor appointment check list. I think the belly photo app is a pretty cool feature, too.

WebMD Pregnancy, itunes.com.

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healthy apps Breathe
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15. Breathe

This app you don’t have to download (unless you accidentally deleted it!). It’s already on your Apple Watch. I use it after intense workouts to lower my heart rate. I find the visual cues to be spot on and are easy to follow. I’ve been told by trainers to count my breaths to a minimum of four seconds for an inhale and for an exhale. But counting isn’t relaxing and it can be distracting. (It’s another task after all.) But with Breathe, it’s just easy.

Breathe, itunes.com.

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