9 Reasons Why You Should Swim All Year Long

Drop by your local indoor pool – or a friend’s in their backyard – for a great workout.

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1) It’s A Full Body Workout

Swimming provides all-around fitness results, improving cardio, flexibility, tone and strength while exercising a variety of muscle groups. “Unlike dry-land exercises, swimming engages your entire body,” says Cory Beatt, who coaches Olympic hopefuls on the Simon Fraser University swim team.

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2) Swimming Will Boost Your Body Confidence

Stripping down to your bathing suit can be a daunting prospect, but a challenging workout is a great reminder that your body is instrumental, not just ornamental.

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3) Swimming Will Strengthen Your Arms 

Nothing makes a woman’s arms as sexy as sculpted triceps-no wobble. According to Beatt, all strokes target your arms and shoulders.

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4) Swimming Will Give You A Strong, Shapely Back

Swimming is the best exercise for strengthening the muscles that support your spine, warding off future problems.

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5) You’ll Have A Strong Core

The constant core work will trim your waist like no other exercise. Strokes like the front and back crawl have a twisting motion that works the waistline. “With nothing to stabilize you in the water, you’re forced to use your core.”

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6) Swimming Will Give You A Beautiful Behind

Glutes work with the hip muscles to propel you forward when kicking. In the pool, you will barely notice you’re using them.

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7) You’ll Get Strong, Sculpted Legs

Quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles get a workout, keeping your legs sculpted and strong.

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8) Swimming Can Be A Great Team Support

If you thrive off of the supportive energy of group fitness, don’t cut out swimming out of your workout regime just yet. Masters Swim Club is a great option for capable swimmers who enjoy intense workouts in a social setting.

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9) It’s Low Impact

Swimming is especially beneficial and safe if you have an injury or joint condition. “We recommend swimming to our clients,”  says Toronto-based Mary Aisen, a physiotherapist with The Arthritis Society. “The first thing I ask clients is whether they can swim. Even if they can’t, just moving in the water helps.”

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