10 Ways to Enjoy Fresh Strawberries

Take advantage of peak strawberry season (end of May to beginning of July) while they’re at their sweetest and juiciest! Here are 10 delicious ways to prepare fresh strawberries

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1. Sweet and Savoury Strawberry Bruschetta

Spread toasted baguette slices with goat cheese. Top with chopped strawberries and shredded basil or mint. Add freshly ground black pepper-it intensifies the flavour of strawberries.

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2. Barbecued Strawberry Sundaes

Scatter hulled whole strawberries over a large piece of heavy-duty foil. Sprinkle with lemon or orange zest. Drizzle with almond liqueur such as Frangelico, if you like. Seal tightly. Barbecue over medium heat until tender. Grill thick pineapple rings alongside the foil packets, until grill marks form on pineapple slices. Cool fruit and then serve over frozen yogurt.

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3. Gingery Strawberry Pancakes

Perfect for a summer brunch. Simply prepare your favourite batter ( or try this recipe for spelt pancakes) and spoon it into a hot pan. Then, place strawberry slices in each pancake and lightly sprinkle with ground ginger before flipping. Continue cooking as usual.

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4. Strawberry Guacamole

Chop avocado and strawberries. Toss together with chopped mint and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve with tortilla chips for dipping.

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5. Sweet Strawberry Vinaigrette

The flavour of strawberries adds a touch of sweetness to a balsamic vinaigrette. Simply mash a handful of strawberries in a bowl with a fork or potato masher. Whisk in 1/4 cup (60 mL) balsamic vinegar (preferably white balsamic). Slowly whisk in 1/4 cup (60 mL) olive oil. Drizzle over greens. (Another tip: add sliced strawberries to your favourite salad recipe for a sweet flavour and nutrition boost.)

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6. Strawberry Lemon-Loaf Glaze

A fresh way to serve a lemon loaf. Mix equal parts lemon juice and granulated sugar. Stir in finely chopped strawberries. Poke holes over a store-bought or homemade lemon loaf, then drizzle with the glaze.

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7. Strawberry Applesauce with Pork

Heat applesauce with halved strawberries. When warm, remove from heat and then mash strawberries with a potato masher. Serve alongside grilled pork tenderloin or chicken.

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8. Nutty Grape, Arugula and Strawberry Salad

Try a mix of whole strawberries, slice grapes, chunks of blue cheese, toasted almonds or hazelnuts and arugula for your next green salad.

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9. Peanut Butter and Strawberry Toast

Spread toast with natural peanut butter and top with slices of fresh strawberries for a sugar-free jam substitute.

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10. Spinach and Strawberry Sauté

Lightly oil a large frying pan. Add a handful of walnuts. Stir frequently until fragrant. Add a 10 oz pkg of spinach. Stir often until spinach begins to wilt. Add a handful of quartered strawberries. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Continue stirring until spinach is wilted and strawberries are warm.

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