10 Cleaning Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Make household cleaning easier and more bearable with these 10 cleaning hacks.

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Spring cleaning is an opportunity to start fresh

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love spring cleaning…and those who don’t. Best Health reached out to Melissa Maker, host of popular YouTube channel Clean My Space for her tips to get through spring cleaning.

It’s a way to say “out with the old, in with the new” and wake up our space from a cold, dingy winter. Our homes haven’t had the opportunity to breathe the entire winter. The first thing I like to do is open the windows to get a cross breeze going through the house and get new air into the space. We also tend to collect things in the winter (gifts, winter gear, etc.) so you want to clear out what isn’t being used. We have a better outlook and attitude in the spring so it’s a great time to tackle breathing new life into our space.

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Time to tackle the big jobs

Spring is typically the time when you do the heavy-duty tasks and the ones you don’t want to do the rest of the year. Focus on de-cluttering and heavy duty cleaning. Paying attention to indoor/outdoor spaces, storage space, windows, appliances, and HVAC systems. Leave your smaller, regular cleaning tasks out of the picture to not detract from your spring cleaning efforts.

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Try cleaning “zones” to break apart the work

There are a few key areas or zones that are strong candidates for scheduling time and tasks for the big spring clean.  Zones include the kitchen, bathrooms, windows, garage, outdoor spaces and storage spaces. Everything else can be left for another time. When you are working in a particular zone you can figure out what tasks need to be done in that area, budget your time and select tools you need to clean that zone.

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Set visual goals

Create visual goals about the job (my bathroom counter will have no more than 10 items on it by the time I’m done!) then give yourself a set amount of time to accomplish each task.

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Don’t bite off more than you can chew

They try to do too much. They tell themselves that they have to do an overhaul of the entire home and that’s too overwhelming and when you feel overwhelmed you don’t accomplish much of anything. It is important to be realistic. Don’t over schedule yourself – carve out the time to do it so you don’t feel under the gun, which allows it to drop in your priority list.

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De-clutter first, clean second

The other thing is to de-clutter before you clean. If you are trying to clean a space that’s cluttered, it will take a lot longer and there are likely items you don’t need anyway so it’s important to de-clutter first and clean second. If people don’t have a plan of action or a checklist then you can end up mindlessly cleaning which turns into a time waster. A to-do list or plan allows you to stay focused to get the job done.

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Try homemade cleaning solutions to clean effectively

I started experimenting with product recipes shortly after I started my cleaning service business in 2006. I quickly learned that these products were less expensive, easier to work with and equally if not more effective than store bought products. After that, I have always advocated for making your own products because there are many benefits. At times, there are certain jobs that require specialty products, in which case it is perfectly acceptable to purchase a store-bought solution. It is always helpful to look at the ingredient list if you are looking for a non-toxic product. Be sure to check what surfaces the product works on and is safe for, and make sure it matches up to your particular cleaning need. For example, these Canadian-produced products by Bleu Lavande are 100 percent free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Click here for more of Best Health’s eco-friendly product picks.

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Reward yourself

I love the idea of setting yourself up with a nice a reward so you have something to look forward to. Whether it’s seeing a movie, getting a manicure or a treat – just sweeten the pot for yourself so you can appreciate the experience once it’s done. Once your task is complete, take a moment and look back at the task you have accomplished so you can be proud of yourself and feel good about your clean space.

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Microfibre is your friend

My favourite cleaning hack is replacing all cleaning cloths with microfibre cloths – I’ve just released a line of my own. Generally, microfibre cloths can hold anywhere from 4-7 times their weight in water, can be rewashed over 500 times and will clean most surfaces with just water, attract dust and don’t leave lint behind. Since switching to cleaning with microfiber, I’ve saved time and money, and had better results with my cleaning efforts.

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Just two ingredients

I love vinegar and baking soda. I have managed to do the majority of my cleaning with just those two products.

Tips compiled by Jannen Belbeck

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