5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home This Weekend

Thanks to these easy tips, you’ll have a cleaner, more organized home in no time.

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Toss The Toiletries

Just before you brush your teeth every night or jump in the shower in the morning, spend two minutes getting rid of hair and makeup products you don’t actually use-even if barely touched. That includes bath products you never use and skincare items that weren’t right for you. In just a week, you’ll have less clutter in your bathroom and easier access to the items you do use.

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Clear The Counters

Remove kitchen appliances you don’t use daily from your counters. Now that you have more space for food prep and a tidier environment, take it a step further by clearing any bits and pieces that clutter your counter (e.g., bills, junk mail): Place a pretty bowl or basket on the counter as a catch-all for those items. When the container is full, go through it and either purge items or place them where they belong.

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Purge Your Medicine Cabinet

Use a box to gather up any prescription medications, vitamins and drugstore remedies. Check their expiry dates while listening to music or watching TV, and put outdated items in a bag; you can take them to a drugstore for safe disposal. Try to do this purge every few months.

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Eliminate Underused Utensils

While waiting for water to boil or the oven to preheat, take the time to go through your utensil drawer and eliminate items you don’t use. Next time, go through your kitchen junk drawer and see what treasures you’ve forgotten about and don’t actually need. Donate them if they’re in good shape; ditch them if they’re not.

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Do the “Five-Things Dash”

Walk into each room of your home with a box or garbage bag and choose five things you can throw out or, if they’re still in decent condition, donate. Choose items that are never used.

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Reinvent Rods

This idea maximizes storage space in the kitchen and is so easy to make yourself: Place tension curtain rods vertically between cupboard shelves to help you organ­ize baking sheets, cutting boards and serving platters.


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