Natural Cleaning Products That Actually Work

Here’s how to overhaul your cleaning products with cleaner, safer alternatives.

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While some of us grew up with our moms using harsh chemicals and cleaning agents to get our homes spic and span, more and more studies show that certain ingredients like formaldehyde, lye and triclosan can be dangerous to not only our own health, but the environment as well. No worries now, there are more ways now than ever to replace your cleaning products with safer, more natural alternatives. The best part is, they actually work.

One important thing to do is to always read the label. Just like with food, usually the more ingredients you recognize and can pronounce, the healthier that product is. And although shorter lists aren’t always necessarily better, they can also be a good indicator as to whether a product can be considered natural and healthy…or not.

Ready to give your cleaning kit a makeover? We asked principals Rebecca McKillican and Erin Young for their top cleaning product picks.

For the bathroom

The essentials: Toilet Bowl Cleaner, All-Purpose Cleaner

Our picks and why we like them: Seventh Generation’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner works to clean, freshen, and eliminate dirt and has a fresh scent from balsam fir, cypress, and lime essential oils. The Eco-Max Bathroom Cleaner is perfect for tackling stubborn grime on shower stalls, tubs, sinks, and counters. Both are made using safe, natural ingredients.

For the living room

The essentials: Floor cleaner, Windows and Mirrors

Our picks and why we like them: To keep floors clean (especially in high traffic areas like the living room) we love ATTITUDE Floor Surfaces Tiles & Wood Cleaner because it helps protect your floors (even hardwood) while keeping them clean. We also love that this is a Canadian Company and that it’s certified eco-friendly by Eco-Logo.  For windows and mirrors, our picks are the Glass & Surface cleaners from Green Works and ALLORGANIC.

For the kitchen

The essentials: Dish soap and powder, Counter top cleaners

Our picks and why we like them:  Some at the top of our list for doing dishes are Sapadilla Grapefruit + Bergamot Dish Soap and Live for Tomorrow Dish the Dirt Dishwashing Powder. The Sapadilla Dish Soap smells amazing because it is made with natural essential oils and the packaging is so gorgeous you’ll love seeing it on your counter. Live for Tomorrow’s Dishwashing Powder is a plant and mineral-based dishwasher powder that leaves dishes clean and residue-free. For mopping up spills and getting countertops clean, we love the e-cloth Antibacterial Cloth because it’s reusable, absorbent, and kills and traps bacteria using only water.

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