Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

Nothing gets you psyched up for a run quite like some kickin’ tunes. Here are five great songs to add to your running playlist

Workout playlist: 5 songs for runners

Source: Web exclusive, March 2011

Two things always get the blood flowing: a good run and great music. So why not combine the two? This running music mix features five fast-paced songs that will raise your heart rate and keep your feet in motion.

The Strokes, Last Nite

There’s no better way to get a run started than by blasting this 2001 Strokes hit. Tap play just as you’re ready to go and let the slow-building intro help you wind up. Pick up the pace at the 30-second mark, when singer Julian Casablancas lets out a riotous yell.

Britney Spears, Womanizer

Whatever you think of Britney Spears, there’s no denying that "Womanizer" will help increase your beats per minute. Listen to this just before running at full gear. The pounding heart beat-sounding drums, aggressive chorus and drill sergeant-like vocal repetition should give you the extra push you need to really get moving.

Arcade Fire, Ready to Start

Countless Canadians have likely run a kilometre or two listening to recent Grammy Award winners Arcade Fire. With this song’s hypnotic drums, distorted guitar blasts and speedy chorus, it’s easy to block out the surrounding noise and just focus on running as fast as possible. If you haven’t reached your maximum speed by mid song, the last minute and half’s haunting but still forceful outro, will get you there.

Rihanna, Don’t Stop the Music

Listen to this popular Rihanna track as soon as you hit your stride. The cyclical dance-club beat will keep you in a groove, while the incredibly infectious and upbeat chorus will have you singing at the top of your lungs. (You may want to make sure you’re running alone with this one.)

White Stripes, Fell in Love With A Girl

Finish your run with this 188-beats-per-minute blast of brash rock ‘n roll. The track ‘ with it’s wild instrumentation and rowdy vocals ‘ will deliver that often elusive last jolt of energy to help you cross the finish line. Switch to cool-down mode when you hear Jack White’s final flash of guitar.