The best bras for runners

When it comes to running, choosing the right bra is just as important as wearing the right shoes. Here are our picks for the best bras for runners

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Find the right jog bra

A really good bra for running is comfortable and supportive. Sports bras come in medium support (lighter-weight fabric and for smaller-breasted women), high support (for average-size breasts), and maximum support (they have more construction to them). When trying them on, jog in place in the change room. Does the bra feel like it’s providing the support you want? Also, sit down and take a deep breath. If it feels restrictive, it’s too small. Here are three options (prices listed are for Running Room stores across Canada).

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champion jog bra

Champion Double Dry Seamless

Full-Support Underwire Sports Bra: This high-support bra has a fully constructed inner bra with triple-cushioned underwire for full support and comfort. Adjustable Velcro straps provide a customized fit. ($55)

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juno jog bra

Moving Comfort Juno Bra

This maximum-support powerhouse bra has a racer-back style and offers front/back adjustability. ($60)

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Running Room’s Power HRM Bra Top

This medium-support bra has inner seams that reduce chafing and increase your comfort. A heart rate monitor can be slipped into the bra band. ($50)

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