Canada’s favourite workout songs

From Lady Gaga to David Hasselhoff, the right music can help you stay motivated while you’re sweating it out. Here are a few of Canada’s favourite workout songs to add to your playlist

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What’s on your playlist?

Imagine you’re halfway through a workout, feeling tired and preoccupied with thoughts of the laundry and grocery shopping you need to do when you get home, when suddenly your favourite song starts playing. It’s a great rush, isn’t it? You want to push yourself harder, run another block, do twenty more sit-ups. It’s no coincidence, either-according to researchers at Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education, certain music can actually help increase your physical endurance and make cardio exercises a more positive experience.

We asked our readers to tell us what song or artist keeps them pumped up during a workout. Here are some of the responses submitted to Best Health via Twitter and Facebook. Have some good songs of your own? Tell us in the comments and we’ll add it to this list!

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Q: What’s your favourite song to work out to?

“Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’! Used it this weekend for my jazzercise!” @jazzdiva2

‘New Workout Plan’ by Kanye West starts off every serious workout session… ‘That’s right, put in work, move your a**, go berserk…'” -Caitlin McCormack, via Facebook

“‘Memories’ by David Guetta has a wicked workout beat to it.” -Annika Leigh, via Facebook

“‘It’s Raining Men’ is my workout classic; love Usher’s ‘OMG’ and ‘Bulletproof’ by LaRoux too for workouts!” –@theshiramiller
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More tunes to keep you moving

“I would have to say ‘Stronger (Back on the Ground)’ by Nick Jonas and the Administration.” –@kaithearth

“‘I Will Survive.'” -@jcpjfmdm

For some reason, when I hear the song ‘Time of My Life,’ it makes me wanna dance. So I downloaded the song from iTunes [and] now I can dance to it at home.” @mhonicka

“One of my faves is ‘In the Night’ by Basia Bulat.” –@madamesanserif

“When I need to take it up a notch I listen to Destiny Child’s Independent Woman’!”@amandalaird

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Q: Is there one music artist that gets you really pumped up?

“David Hasselhoff songs moviate me in exercise and soul.” @sandrakrider

“Anything by Pink!” @clearlycomposed

“Madonna always! Black Eyed Peas are great too!” @luvnlifelori

“90’s music. Bell Biv Devoe, Britney, Heavy D, Outkast, etc.” @theskinnyfight

“David Guetta keeps me up to speed! I love the beat to his songs.”@HopingforBaby

“Anything by GirlTalk is great running/workout music!” @dohanley

Black Eyed Peas usually gets me going a little bit faster. Now I just need motivation to do exercise even in this sweltering heat.” -Christa Clark, via Facebook

“Most of Motown, and The Stones.”@ukpol

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And the queen of workout music is…

“Lady Gaga!” @YULaiLai

“Lady Gaga, hands down!” @CarlaMcF

“Lady Gaga!” @CFCFanVI

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