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13 Simple Habits to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

What you eat, your attitude, and the amount of exercise you get can help play a role in strengthening your immune system and preventing illness.

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The Best Over-the-Counter Cold and Flu Meds

Got a sore throat, runny nose, cough or fever? Here, we've highlighted the best remedies to soothe your symptoms.

How to Make Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing says "cozy" like a hot bowl of homemade soup. Nothing says "easy" like using a slow cooker to make...

Hand Sanitizer Doesn’t Last as Long as You Thought

The germ-killing standby might not be as effective as you thought.

Coronavirus Face Masks: 9 Things Doctors Need You to Know

Here's what doctors want you to know about face masks, N95 respirators, and the best ways to avoid Covid-19.

The 10 Best Foods to Eat When You’re Sick, Based on Your Symptoms

When you have a headache, nausea, sore throat, or other everyday illnesses, eating certain foods can help you feel better. 

Should You Take Zinc for a Cold?

Here's what you need to know about using zinc to soothe your sniffles.

This is When Your Cold Stops Being Contagious

Colds can really ruin your week. But if you give one to your whole office, that's just plain rude.

Sick? You Won’t Look It With These Beauty Tips

Getting sick during flu and cold season is a given, but looking sick doesn’t have to be. Here are beauty...

7 Safety Tips You Need to Know Before Using a Neti Pot

Whether you’re a frequent neti pot user or it’s your first time, these tips will ensure your sinuses are cleared...

9 Home Remedies for Getting Rid of a Stuffy Nose

These all-natural cures may provide relief from the pressure and pain of stuffy nose.

Sore Throat Remedies: 16 Natural Gargles

Gargling is a simple and remarkably effective way to kill germs and soothe a sore throat. Try one of these...

10 Reasons Canadians Need to Take the Flu Serious This Year

Influenza is more serious than you may think. Find out why. Plus, how to protect yourself and your family this...

5 Signs You Should Call in Sick

Don't let an office deadline or previous plans cloud your judgement. Here are five signs you should make the call.

Eating This One Surprising Food Could Finally Cure Your Cough

Got a chronic cough that just won’t go away? Forget honey and lemon. Here’s one natural cough remedy that even...

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Not Sure If You Have A Cold Or The Flu – Here’s How To Find Out And How To Treat It

Which is worse: Cold vs flu? Either way being sick sucks. And the only way to feel better is to...

How To Deal With Cold Symptoms And Move On With Your Life

Is a runny, stuffy nose or sinus pain making you suffer? Get relief by tackling your worst cold symptoms with...

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We Have A Map That Shows When You Will Catch The Flu

When will you get the flu? New research shows how cold and flu viruses spread across Canada, according to regional...

4 Quick & Natural Remedies To Relieve You From Sneezing

Give your sinuses a break with natural remedies that can help rid you of your sneeze and boost immunity.

Stop Feeling Run Down! These 6 Foods Will Boost Your Immune System

It's officially cold and flu season. But it's not always easy to sleep enough or to keep your stress levels...

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15 Immunity-Boosting Foods That Can Help Fight The Flu

Caught the flu? Eating these foods may help boost your immunity and help you feel better faster.

5 Surprising Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

Trying to avoid catching every cold that goes around this winter? These surprising tricks from some very healthy people might...

7 myths about influenza and the flu shot, busted

Not sure whether to get a flu shot? Discover the truth behind seven common flu myths

4 natural ways to prevent and treat a cold

Alternative-health expert and author Bryce Wylde shares his tips and go-to products

The worst places for germs

Stay healthy by protecting yourself from illness-causing germs and viruses

The truth about vitamin C

While science has debunked the myth that it cures the common cold, this antioxidant can fight disease'and so much more

How To Stay Healthy When Your Kid Is Sick

Because there's nothing worse than taking care of a sick kid when you're sick, too.

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Can Cats And Dogs Catch Colds From You?

You may have noticed a sneeze or two coming from your pet. But are they sick with the same cold...

Quiz: How much do you know about cold and flu?

No matter how careful you are about germs, sometimes you just can't avoid a cold or flu. Take our quiz...

Are you too sick to work?

Feeling a little under the weather? Here are a few tips to help you decide if it's time to take...