Our best healthy potato recipes

Potatoes have a reputation for being unhealthy, but they’re actually packed with vitamins and minerals. Try one of these healthy ways to serve up your spuds

Our best healthy potato recipes

Source: Web exclusive, February 2010

Warm Sweet Potato and Kale Salad
Delight your palate with this warm sweet potato and kale salad, featuring a tangy red wine vinaigrette to balance the tartness of kale and the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

Roasted Fennel and Potato Soup
If you have never tried fennel soup, you are really missing out on something unique. It’s like a leek and potato soup with a bit more interest and a great silky texture that just begs for a roaring fire on a wintry day.

Apple and Potato Rösti
Sometimes cravings call for nothing but the buttery, warm goodness of homemade potato rösti. Indulge with our version, which adds sweet apples and fresh sage to the mix. Top with sour cream, chives and a good-quality smoked salmon or trout for an impressive appetizer or main dish.

Beef and Sweet Potato Stir-Fry
Craving takeout? Whip up this tasty beef and sweet potato stir-fry in less time than it takes to call in an order.

Potato Cakes with Baked Tomatoes
Potato cakes, flavoured with leeks, tasty cheese and fresh herbs, make a satisfying vegetarian meal served with baked tomatoes and accompanied by a simple leaf salad.

Potato Latke Sandwiches with Smoked Salmon
Latkes are a treat and while they’re not particularly low in fat, potatoes are a great source of vitamin C and salmon is packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Potato Irish Champ
This champ recipe is a traditional Irish take on the potato mash.

Creamy Potato and Asparagus Soup
Serve up this potato and asparagus soup as a healthy comfort food for chilly days.

Roast Salmon Strips with Potato Salad

This elegant entree is what the French would call a ‘salade composée”a salad where the elements are arranged separately. In this healthy example, roast salmon strips share the spotlight with a light potato salad and a healthy helping of greens.

Potato and Root Vegetable Gratin with Duck Prosciutto

Try substituting cured ham prosciutto for duck with this potato and root vegetable gratin.

Grilled Potato Salad with Gherkins and Mustard

The golden hue of the mini potatoes is accented with the warmth of olive oil, honey and mustard and topped with the softness of crumbled goat’s cheese.

Danish Potato Soup
Other vegetables and cream make this Danish potato soup rich in flavour and texture.

Green Chile Mashed Potatoes

Anaheim peppers are mild and give just a hint of heat when combined with mashed potatoes.

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