Why Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Escape the everyday! Recharge at Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, which has one of the best beaches in the world.

Grace Bay 01

It’s Time To Head to the Beach

Are you busy? Yeah, you’re busy. We get it. We are, too. It’s the way of the world, this total connectedness 24-7-365. But you know what? It’s important – healthy even – to slow down and replace go, go, go with stop. It’s a tough concept to wrap your whirling head around, though, and frankly it sounds a bit boring. Because if you stop, what’s left?

A Visit To Ganevoort Turks + Caicos Resort

Well, in the right hands, paradise. Trading something for nothing can work, but only if the nothing is delivered by those who understand something. Follow that? Then you’re ready for paradise.

So pack your bags for Gansevoort Turks + Caicos Resort. It’s a heavenly cut of New York turf living large in the Caribbean surf. Translation: You don’t have to give up the something you love (be it food, amenities or style) for the nothing you need (a little R and R).

Located on Grace Bay, this Turks and Caicos resort was the first Caribbean location for Gansevoort Hotel Group (GHG), which has two New York properties: its flagship in the Meatpacking District and a second outpost on Park Avenue. There’s also the Gansevoort Dominican Republic, which opened in December 2014. But I digress.

The Turks and Caicos property, which has been managed by GHG since 2009, boasts 91 rooms, all with ocean views and many with balconies. There are several restaurants on site, as well as a spa and fitness centre. The wow factor hits you as soon as you step off the shuttle, where you’re greeted with a warm breeze, a cold towel, a rum punch and a view of the magnificent pool you could see yourself splashing around in, pronto. And then there’s the vibe: cool, calm and collected. Even the ocean here is soothing, not roaring or rambunctious.

Ready to settle in? It’s a cinch. Just follow our three-day plan (adapt as necessary for length of stay) and wait for the joy of nothingness to descend upon you.

Day One: Disconnect 

Start slowly. Use your first full day to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Have a morning coffee on your balcony and listen to the swish of waves as they lap on the shore. Feel the sun on your face. Pop down to Stelle for a healthy buffet breakfast, freshly squeezed juices, fruits, yogurt and granola. Or ask the chef to whip up an omelette. Enjoy said breakfast while you overlook the pool, under the shade of a splendid palm tree.

Feeling the urge to move? Saunter down to the beach, which, by the way, just garnered top honours on a list of the world’s 25 best beaches from TripAdvisor.

Since the Gansevoort is the first property in a string of spots that dot Grace Bay, you can head west and walk along the powdery white sand for kilometres without running into another soul. Break up the walk with a dip in the calm and clear turquoise waters, or head back to the hotel and do laps in the oversized pool at centre court. Enjoy an afternoon siesta in a luxe lounger and wake up to a poolside cocktail before retiring early for room service on your balcony to watch the sunset.

Grace Bay 03

Day Two: Recharge

You may be surprised to wake up tired. How can you feel fatigued when you’ve done nothing? Well, you may have used day one to zone out, but your body has been working hard to deal with your pent-up stress.

Sign up for morning yoga at Exhale, the on-site spa and fitness centre. You can try an outdoor group class or book a private session. We suggest Exhale Flow, a class that fuses traditional vinyasa with contemporary dynamic flow. You’ll feel relaxed yet challenged at the same time.

Spend the bulk of the day at the seashore. Unfold yourself onto a comfy daybed and get lost in a juicy read. Surface for a late lunch at Zest, where you can enjoy a cold, local beer paired with a crisp jicama salad while people-watching.

Refuelled, it’s time to explore your surroundings. Nothing too strenuous, of course. Snorkelling off the coral reef will fit the bill. There’s a large barrier reef just a few kilometres from shore that draws experienced scuba divers from around the world, but there are also small, accessible reefs close to the shoreline for newbies.

Once back on dry land, consider a spa treatment. Our faves? The Calm Wrap, an after-sun body therapy that hydrates and conditions the skin after a day under the rays.

Good thing you don’t have to travel far or battle traffic for dinner; you can simply saunter over to Stelle and nosh under a canopy of stars. If it’s lobster season (August 1 to March 31), you’ll find imaginative dishes that incorporate the island’s spiny lobster, a smaller and sweeter version of its Canadian cousin.

End the evening with a nightcap at the newly renovated bar. Ask for the Kiss Me One More Time. There’s Frangelico and vanilla ice cream involved – that’s all you need to know.

Grace Bay 02

Day Three: Indulge  

Now that you are days removed from the hustle and bustle of reality, you can safely introduce more adventurous nothingness to your itinerary. After brekkie, sign up for a workout like Core Fusion Barre + Cardio, a mix of interval training and barre workout. Or not. Maybe you’d rather head down to the beach for any of the complimentary water sports, including kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and Hobie Cat sailing (personal catamaran).

If that all still sounds too much like work, then take a guided boat ride followed by a picnic lunch on one of the many surrounding islands (some inhabited by people, some inhabited by iguanas). Check with the concierge to arrange this activity ahead of time.

By now, you should have completely switched gears. Congrats on spending some quality time with yourself! Celebrate with a private dinner on the beach: a barbecue feast followed by s’mores around your own bonfire.

Ah, nothing. It’s something, right?’