Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

When planning for a trip outside of Canada, you need to buy a proper travel insurance in order to protect your family, your belongings and what you invested into your trip. The risks of travelling without an appropriate insurance can be important. Follow these simple guidelines to make the best of your upcoming vacation.

Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance


Why Is Travel Insurance So Important?

Travel insurance now covers a lot of situations. From losing your luggage to losing your job, even. But you have to choose carefully and to think about what your needs really are before you buy anything. Your insurance won’t cost the same if you go climb Mount Kilimanjaro or if you go in an all inclusive resort in Mexico.

When you go on a trip, you are responsible for all medical costs in case of an emergency, an illness or an accident. You are also responsible for a cancellation before or during your trip and for the loss of your luggage. Those costs can be very high and a travel insurance will ensure you to cover these unexpected situations.

When you are traveling, a lot of things are beyond your control. Even if you plan for all eventualities, you are not safe from a bad surprise. You better be prepared.

What Is Covered and What Is Not?

There is a lot of different coverage available. Make sure that you identify which one is the best suited for your vacation needs. A good travel insurance package should however include:

‘ An out of the country medical coverage in case of an emergency

‘ A trip cancellation or a trip interruption in case of an emergency at home

‘ The loss or theft of baggage or valuable belongings

You should also have a guaranteed 24-hour access to a Representative in case of a claim.

Now relax, and enjoy!