“eTalk” Host Chloe Wilde Talks Sunscreen, Fasting and Working Out in Quarantine

When Chloe Wilde isn't reporting on eTalk, she's working on her health game — so much so that she now hosts the Crave series Healthy is Hot. Here are the health habits that this wellness warrior swears by.

Image Credit: Bettina Bogar | instagram.com/thechloewilde

Best Skincare

“My skincare varies, but there’s one step that is an absolute must: sunscreen. Growing up, I hated putting on sunscreen, but now, at 31, I’ll do whatever I can to keep my skin healthy, youthful and plump. I’m still not a fan of that sunscreen smell, so I opt for moisturizers that have 50+ protection in them.”

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Best Sweat

“Daily movement has been critical for my mental health during the COVID-19 era, but I live in a condo so I have to get creative. I’ve been participating in Zoom workouts with my local fitness studios, boxing, doing yoga and cycling. When my motivation is low, I find a simple walk does the trick.”

Best Fuel

“I love training early in the morning, and I’ll typically do it fasted — if I eat right when I wake up and then work out, I get nauseous. I save my feast, which is usually coconut yogurt with granola and fresh berries, for after my sweat session.”

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Best Place

“This quarantine has forced me (well, all of us) to slow down. At first, I was reluctant and resistant to it, but now I realize that the pace of life prior to this was unhealthy and unnecessary. I hope to take this new found appreciation for sleep, rest, being okay with being alone, into the next chapter.”

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Best Stress-Buster

“Moving my body. By doing so, I prioritize myself for that period of time, taking care of my health and showing up so that I can be the best version of myself in all other facets of my life. The resulting endorphin rush is an added bonus.”

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada