Canada’s healthiest restaurants: Four

This Toronto eatery has banished the deep fryers and limits calories for all of its dishes

Canada's healthiest restaurants: Four

Source: Best Health Magazine, Summer 2009; Photo courtesy of Sir Corp.

Chicken wings and tiramisu may not sound like diet-conscious foods, but at Toronto’s Four restaurant, that’s exactly what they are. Four is on a mission to offer what executive chef Gordon Mackie calls ‘a balanced approach to guilt-free dining.’ That means decadent dishes’with a maximum of 650 calories.

‘We’re thinking differently about how we cook,’ he says. ‘We use olive oil instead of butter, yogurt instead of cream and vinaigrettes instead of buttery sauces’but no ‘diet’ foods.’ And this practice carries all the way through to dessert. Guests can choose from eight tempting treats, including a luscious double chocolate cream. Each is served in a shot glass for perfect portions. (Try it at home ‘you may find that just a taste is enough.)

Want a taste of what Four has to offer? Try this recipe the restaurant shared with Best Health: Chicken in Tikka Masala Yogurt Sauce.

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