Best Health Magazine: Summer 2009

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Best Health Magazine: Summer 2009

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Newsflash: Marinating meat can actually make it healthier ‘ Before you hit the links, do this stretch ‘ Just wondering: Why do self-tanners have such a strong smell? ‘ How breakthrough science may help with allergies ‘ Moving? Make it purrfect for your cat ‘ Consider adding this to your first-aid kit ‘ Best fast-food swap ‘ These women are walking for a cure ‘ The latest research on family health ‘ Our sexy summer reading list ‘ We tested three frozen summer treats ‘ Eco-friendly beauty products ‘ Mini-wardrobe for golf ‘ How to deal with a bee sting ‘ Yummy strawberry-and-flax smoothie recipe ‘ American vs. Canadian women: How do we feel about our looks?

Look Great

32 9 Moves for Strong, Sexy Legs
Do these workouts in the pool, at the gym or in the backyard’you’ll see results (we promise).
36 Beauty Bar
Our makeup, hair and skincare picks.
38 Be Sun Savvy, to the Letter
Your A to Z guide.
40 Here Comes the Sun!
Our roundup of the latest sunscreens.
42 Light as Air
Freshen up with a subtle summer fragrance.
45 My Fight With Cellulite
Writer Patricia Pearson’s quest for great legs.
49 The Truth About Sunglasses
Are cheap ones really safe?
50 Looking Good!
Shades that offer function and fashion.
52 Happy Summer Feet
Make yours look and feel great.
56 Love Your Décolleté
How to beautify the skin below your chin.
58 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools for looking your best.

Get Healthy

62 Surf’s Up!
Why Canadian women are getting fit and toned with the ultimate summer sport.
66 What Works, What Doesn’t
We answer your health questions.
68 Drop Pounds With Caution
Understand the realities and potential risks of four rapid-weight-loss options.
74 It Works for Us!
This Vancouver women’s soccer team has made for strong friendships and strong bodies.
77 Don’t Sweat It
Your best remedies for perspiration and odour.
81 Male Call
Erectile dysfunction could signal a health problem.
82 The Gluten Connection
Could celiac disease be the cause of your health problems? Our writer investigates’and shares her own story.
86 Easier Colon Tests
All the new screening methods.
88 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you stay healthy.

Eat Well

98 Pass the Cherries!
Why this in-season superfruit is so good for you. Plus, great new ideas for adding them to your diet.
100 The Mediterranean, on a Platter
Four simple and delicious ways to serve up the world’s healthiest cuisine.
106 Quick Fixes
Healthy fish dishes you can make in about 30 minutes.
108 Canada’s Healthiest Restaurants
We highlight four across the country. Bonus: A recipe for chicken in a zesty yogurt sauce.
110 Drink to Your Health
These six antioxidant-packed cocktails’three virgin choices and three alcoholic’are perfect for your next patio party.
112 Community Kitchen
Three readers share their healthy recipes.
116 Summer Fresh
Chef Paul Finkelstein’s easy salad recipes are great either for a backyard barbecue or as a dinner for one.
120 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to help you eat better.

Embrace Life

124 Celebrating Survival
How one woman created an innovative program for cancer survivors’and in doing so, found her passion.
128 Keep Your Cool
From allergy-busting central air conditioners to eco-friendly ceiling fans, here’s your guide.
130 Canada’s Community Gardens
Women are harvesting the benefits of these shared green spaces’from new friendships to fresh produce.
138 When the Kids Come Home as Grown-Ups
Rona Maynard shares her own experience. Plus, how families can make it work.
143 Get It Together
Cool websites and tools to make life easier.
144 My Healthy Life
A Nova Scotia winemaker shares her tips for eating healthily, beating stress and finding balance in a busy life.

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