This Is Exactly How Britney Spears Works Out

Oops, she does it again. Britney Spears posts her workout on Instagram and suddenly we feel like we have to hit the gym too.

Britney Spears Workout, Britney Spears on the red carpetphoto credit: shutterstock

The Britney Spears Workout

Brit Brit does it again. Britney Spears has been regularly sharing her workouts on social media clips, and the singer is looking as fit and healthy as ever in the montage she posted, which broke than one million views.

This recent installment has the “Toxic” singer sporting a red crop top, blue sports bra and purple shorts, showing off her toned abs as she works out using a kettlebell, doing swings with the weight outdoors in the sunshine. Her hair is piled high on her head, swept off of her face.

Britney Spears Workout Instagram, Britney Spears doing upward dog

Cut to another sweat session in the montage and the mother of two is working on her fitness in her workout studio doing a modified pushup (think pushup that moves into a downward dog and cobra), a move that likely helps with the pop star’s strong, defined core.

For Britney Spear’s workout, it’s all about the music

As committed and serious as Britney is when it comes to her workouts, we can’t help but notice the playful touch of the string of purple party lights decorating her home gym, after all workouts are more motivating when there’s some fun involved. And the singer naturally appreciates how music can motivate you for a workout, as this 37-second montage features the Jay Z song “BBC,” which references Britney herself in the lyrics.

As per her Instagram caption, Spears has gushed about the song being a favourite: “When this song came out, I lost my mind like a little kid! I fangirled and cried!”

With zero instruction, the clip’s focus is more about showing off Britney’s fit physique and serves more as inspiration than anything else, but with those covetable abs and her impressive strength and flexibility, we’ll admit we felt like working on our fitness after viewing it.