Why Britney Is Inspiring Us To Be Healthier, Fitter And To Eat Better

In need of some urgent motivation? Check Britney Spear’s Instagram account. Here are our fave Britney Spears fitspo posts.

Britney Spears Fitspirationphoto credit: shutterstock

If 2007 Britney Spears could see 2017 Britney Spears, we’re sure she’d say only one thing – and that would be, day-um. The 35-year-old pop star could very well be in the best shape of her life, thanks to a strict diet and workout routine, a three-night-a-week residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and parenting two very active tween boys. Here are our favourite Insta-moments from the “Did It Again” and again star herself.


Britney Spears Fitspo #1

Brit-Brit whipped her body into shape in preparation for her 90-minute high-energy Las Vegas show. A source close to the star says she’s a member of five gyms, participates in at least 14 workouts per week and does 1,000 sit-ups every day. While she used to be against strength training (like so many women are), Britney now sees the body benefits of weight lifting and Pilates.


Britney Spears Fitspo #2

Spears has never kept her love of fast food a secret—the paparazzi has often caught her with McDonalds—but she gave it all up to complement her intense fitness routine. Spears enlisted the help of superstar trainer Tony Martinez, who helped her workout more efficiently but also had her “balance out her proteins, carbs, and fat” to optimize her diet.


Britney Spears Fitspo #3

The singer shared her post-Cheesecake Factory workout on Instagram and told E! News that she loves tacos, pizza and Oreos, saying “They’re the best!” If that doesn’t make a body like Britney’s seem a little more attainable, we’re not sure what will.


Britney Spears Fitspo #4

While we don’t often wear a hat and heels with a bathing suit, we’d be more than okay to look like this.


Britney Spears Fitspo #5

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