Reader letters: Summer 2009

Find out what readers had to say in letters from the Summer issue of Best Health Magazine

Reader letters: Summer 2009

Your May issue seems as if it was written just for me. Many things are changing with my health and my body, and there are questions that I’ve not been able to get answered by my doctor. Thank you for such a quality publication that has truly enhanced my life and well-being. It encompasses all that I’ve been wanting in a magazine’health, beauty, fitness, diet and nutrition, and life lessons’without my having to buy three or four different ones.
Nadine Kozlovic, Langley, B.C.

I just heard Bonnie Munday [Best Health’s editor] give tips in a radio interview about saving money on groceries (‘Honey, I Shrank the Grocery Bill,’ May, p. 102). It’s simple to be frugal when making any purchase, but most people aren’t taught fiscal responsibility. I commend you for starting this process.
Vicki Samson, Pickering, Ont.

‘Beauty Secrets From Around the World’ in your May issue (p. 44) had some ‘tricks’ that were new to me, and I hope to try them out. Others, like eyebrow threading, I had heard of but was interested in learning their origins. I also love that Best Health covers all areas of a person’s health’emotional, physical and mental.
Lisa Brennen, Kanata, Ont.

As a mom of a six-year-old and a three-month-old, I hardly have time for reading, but I fit in what I can. I find your articles full of great advice, and especially liked the one on women’s beauty routines from different parts of the world. Best of health to all!
Marcella Zatwarniski, Regina

Just finished reading through my latest issue of Best Health and thought I’d send in a suggestion for an article about celiac disease’a digestive disorder that is too often overlooked and misunderstood, yet affects one percent of the population.
Nadia Chychota, Mississauga, Ont.
Editor’s note: We’ve got you covered. Turn to ‘The Gluten Connection’ on p. 82 of this issue.

Best Health is packed full of useful information. I’m a busy mom of three, and I find it talks about real-life situations, real people, real issues. Most other magazines focus on the negatives, but yours speaks more positively about life and the situations that it sends our way.
Tammy Goudreau, Winnipeg

As a library employee, I have access to many magazines each month, but Best Health is the only one for which I have purchased my own subscription. The Canadian content is refreshing, including the article about snowshoeing in northern Ontario (‘Blaze a Trail,’ Jan./Feb., p. 72). Better health requires commitment, and Best Health is a great tool in helping us attain a healthier lifestyle.
Karen Hamilton, Dryden, Ont.

In this crazy-busy world where many of us are not taking care of ourselves, it’s great to have a magazine to help us get back on track. Your articles are pertinent to my life; your exercises doable; your ideas inspiring. Keep up the good work!
Rhonda McNeill, Newmarket, Ont.

I found Best Health at my gym. Out of all the magazines on the rack, it’s appealing and fresh. As a running coach, I strive for a healthy diet, so that’s why I am attracted to its content.
Kathryn Wehrle, Toronto

As a working mom, I rarely curl up with a good book or magazine anymore’even though I love to read. Usually, I never get to finish articles. That is not the case with Best Health. I love the topics grouped into sections’each is almost like a magazine within a magazine. Kudos to you for creating a very readable publication!
Deanna Wilmshurst, Head of Chezzetcook, N.S.

In regard to ‘Canada’s Healthiest Cities‘ (March/April, p. 62), I would like to be able to input my city on your website and find out where it ranks in each category. Putting in two cities from each province is not representative of the population. You should report on a larger number of cities for both Quebec and Ontario.
Sherri Stokes, Niagara Falls, Ont.

Yes, we tweet
I really like the fact that I can connect with Best Health on Twitter ( Enjoying your magazine feels a lot more personal when I can speak to a ‘live voice.’
Naveen Atwal,Toronto

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