5 best sex books

Boost your sex life with this sexy reading list’plus, start with our cheat sheet to the top two tips from each book

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Secrets of a Supersexpert

This book doesn’t shy away from graphic details. Tracy Cox, a veteran sex author, debunks myths and gives instruction on things we didn’t know were physically possible.

The tips:
Get out of a rut
Create “I’m up for it” signals. It’s easy to miss each other’s cues. So make the signs physical, like massaging his shoulders or rubbing his leg-in other words, make it so obvious that even the cat knows to leave the room.

Talk dirty
And if you can’t bring yourself to whisper naughty things in his ear, send him a text, or write on the steamed mirror while he’s in the shower: “Just thought you’d like to know: [you fill in the blank].”

DK Publishing, $24

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lazy girl

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Good Sex

Magazine and book author Anita Naik’s latest book covers everything: from birth control to your bits and his bits, and cool-to-know facts in each chapter.

The tips:
Initiate morning sex
This is when his testosterone levels are at their highest, making him more responsive to your coital request.

Keep his clothes on!
(Or some of them, anyway.) One study showed that 64 percent of women like the feeling of a half-clothed man.

Piatkus Books, $14.95

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The Lovers’ Book

British author Kate Gribble compiles more than 350 simple suggestions to boost your sex life.

The tips:
Relive a romantic holiday
LIsten to the music you danced to and even eat the same food. It’s the frugal couple’s way to spend an evening together.

Be a Bond girl
Skip the maid or nurse costume and wear a glamorous dress. Then simply make him a martini-shaken, not stirred.

St. Martin’s Press, $18.95

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Tantric Sex: The Path to Sexual Bliss

Tantric Sex: The Path to Sexual Bliss

Tantric therapist Kavida Rei outlines how meditation, health and imagination can improve sex.

The tips:
Synchronize breathing
Before you get frisky, sit naked facing each other. By following each other’s breathing, you relax and are conscious of your bodies.

Take a nibble
When you kiss, very gently suck his lower lip and pull him toward you. Kissing is a way of communication, so let him know you’re interested.

DK Publishing, $21.95

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sex comes first

Sex Comes First: 15 Ways to Help Save Your Relationship…Without Leaving Your Bedroom

Relationship therapist Joel D. Block and sex writer Kimberly Dawn Neumann say sex can fix a nearly broken relationship.

The tips:
Hold a hug
The average hug is four seconds, so hold it longer. The embrace will evoke feelings of being cherished and protected.

Go for a sex change
Well, not that kind… For some couples, sticking to the same ol’ routine in bed can cause relationships to plateau. Switch positions, and give yourselves a new view.

Adams Media, $17.99

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