5 Tips for Bringing Allergy-Free Treats To Your Kid’s Class

Consider these tips for packing allergy-free treats every kid can enjoy.

Allergy-Free Treats For Classrooms

1) Ask The Teacher

As the parent of a child with a food allergy, I know sending treats to school should be done with caution. So before you send food for the class to share on a special occasion, double check with your child’s teacher to see if any of the students have a food allergy or any dietary restrictions.

2) Try To Make The Treat At Home

Bringing treats to class is exciting for kids, especially if they helped make them. Cooking from scratch allows you to choose the ingredients that you want to use and that will be safe for everyone to enjoy. If you’re purchasing a snack, make sure that it comes with a list of ingredients. Don’t choose any snacks that say that they “may contain” any traces of the allergens.

3) Use Alternatives

Most classrooms are nut-free, so if you’re making a recipe that calls for peanut butter, swap it with a nut-free alternative. There are nut-free products that satisfy the peanut-butter lover and provide the protein needed to keep kids active all day. “Wow Butter” a Canadian-made peanut butter substitute (made from soy) found at most larger grocers, is one example.

 You can also swap eggs for 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple sauce, or use rice milk instead of regular milk.

4) Count On Fruits And Vegetables

While some children are allergic to some certain types of vegetables and fruit (my daughter is allergic to apples and cherries), they usually aren’t allergic to all produce. When sending fruit or veggies for the class, be safe and pack them in separate containers to avoid cross-contamination.

5) Consider Bringing Non-Food Treats

If your child’s classmates have a lot of different food restrictions, think outside of the lunchbox and bring non-food treats instead. Stickers, funky erasers, or temporary tattoos are always big hits with kids and can be found at your local dollar store.