4 Healthy, Nut-Free Snacks Kids Love

Fill your child’s lunchbox with nut-free snacks they’ll love!

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Kids Snacks

Yummy Nut-Free Snacks

It’s back-to-school season! And if you’re like most parents, you’re already dreading the tedious task of making up your little one’s lunch box everyday. To make this busy time a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up four of the best tasting, nut-free snacks that kids love.

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UnSweetened Fruit Snacks

Mott’s Unsweetened Fruitsations

Mott’s Unsweetened  Fruitsations blended-fruit snacks come in a great lunch-box friendly size and are made with all natural ingredients. Try all 12 different flavours!

Kid Tested: I’d be okay with this in my lunch, because I’m getting kinda tired of yogurt. I never have time to finish my apple, and this gives me a fruit dessert that’s quick and easy to eat.
-Tony, Age 13

Mom Approved: Reading the label, I was really impressed by the high amount of vitamin C (30 percent of the Daily Value). Sometimes my son Tony’s lunchbag comes back from school with the apple untouched, and I think that this portable fruit snack can be a sensible alternative. It stores well, too-I have one tucked away in my desk.
-Rhonda Rovan

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Danino Yogurt

Danone’s Danino Go

Danone’s Danino Go is a yummy yogurt drink that acts as a great source of calcium and vitamin D. It’s  also fortified with omega-3s. Other flavours include strawberry, strawberry-banana, banana, and raspberry.

Kid tested: I like it because it’s pink and it tastes just like a smoothie. I would like it to be in a bigger bottle, though.
-Indiana, age 5

Mom approved: I don’t like yogurt, but I was happy to give this to Indiana and Mya. It’s a quick and refreshing drink that provides calcium, and I love that it’s fortified with omega-3s. It’s also a convenient snack after school for when they’re hungry and dinner isn’t ready yet.
-Sun Ngo

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Banana Pear Cookies

Sweet Pea Banana Pear Organic Cookies

Sweet Pea Organic Snacks offers whole-grain cookies that are easy to portion and are perfect for little hands to hold. Big kids love the banana flavour, too! These cookies are made without dairy and eggs, which are perfect if your little has allergy sensitivities.

Kid Tested: “I like these. They’re crunchy and they smell really banana-y. Can you put some in my lunch, Mom?”
-Finley Walker, age 5

Mom Approved: Clearly, my son Fin really liked these cookies. I like that they are made with organic ingredients and are 100 percent whole grain-so I had no problem adding them to his lunch bag. I also like that they come in a re-sealable bag-I can’t stand those plastic trays that are impossible to get back in the bag of cookies. These have cinnamon lightly sprinkled on top, which makes them a bit crunchy and adds a touch of sweetness. And because each one is only 30 calories, they make a good snack for adults, too.
-Jennifer Walker

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Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf

Treasure Mills School Safe Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Loafs

Made with whole wheat and banana puree, Treasure Mills School Safe loafs are a healthy treat that will satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth. We also love that these handmade loaves are made in a peanut-free bakery facility in Newmarket, Ont.

Kid Tested: “They’re just the right size for a recess-time snack at school and I even eat them at home. My mom keeps them in the freezer, but I prefer them warmed up.”
-Hudson Walker, 11

Mom Approved: I like these banana loafs because the main ingredients is bananas, they are peanut and nut-free, made without preservatives, the packaging is recycled and, most of all, my kids will eat them. They aren’t moist, which if I was eating them would be a drawback, but that means they also aren’t mushy so there’s no messy fingers to contend with.
-Jennifer Walker

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