8 Desserts You Didn’t Think You Could Make After Going Gluten-Free

Think a gluten-free diet means denying yourself all delicacies? Don’t fret about missing out-we’ve got loads of delicious gluten-free dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Finding ways to eat your favourite foods on a gluten-free diet can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you have celiac disease, a gluten-intolerance or simply feel better nixing wheat and gluten from your diet, there are many easy alternatives to your traditional wheat-filled treats.

Banana Bread

This classic comfort food might seem off-limits for gluten-free folks, but that’s not the case with a few tweaks. Not only is this recipe tasty, it also skips the refined flours and sugars in the old-school version so you don’t need to feel guilty about digging in.

Pie Crust

Love a crispy graham cracker crust on your favourite pumpkin pie or cherry cheesecake? This three-ingredient alternative crust gives you that sweet honey taste without any of the gluten.


Marshmallow Cereal Bars

Traditionally made with rice cereal, mix this recipe up with some whole grain oat cereal like Cheerios for a crunchier take on these marshmallow bars. Cheerios boast the same classic taste, but are now gluten-free. Plus, the prep time is only approximately 15 minutes for ooey gooey results.

Chocolate Cake

Planning on baking for a birthday party or anniversary? A chocolate cake can’t be beat for any special occasion. Replace the customary flour with a can of chickpeas for a rich and tasty treat with an added hit of protein.

Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Made with superpower ingredients like walnuts, dates and almonds, these no-bake truffles are not only easy, they pack a healthy punch. Pop them in the fridge for an hour and voila, you’ve got a delicacy ready for vegan and gluten-free guests.


The combination of pistachio, orange and white chocolate make for a decadent, bite-sized dessert sans gluten. Homemade versions of these trendy French treats are sure to impress.

Frozen Banana Treats

This simple gluten-free dessert is a kid favourite. Filled with potassium, protein, calcium and fibre, it also makes for a great afternoon snack. Doing the prep can be a fun family activity, so gather the kids and get cooking!


Apple Crisp

Remake a classic recipe by adding in some gluten-free cereal instead of flour. Bake it in the oven as you’re serving dinner to fill your home with the scent of apple cinnamon.