Here’s where you’ll gain insight into the Canadian healthcare system and find answers to the questions you’ve always wondered about. Learn the signs of a stroke, why mammograms should happen before the age of 50 and if IV vitamin therapy is actually beneficial.

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Understanding Post-Stroke Spasticity

You may know how to recognize the signs of stroke, but do you know how to REACT?

The Sex of Your Surgeon Is, in Fact, a Matter of Life or Death

Female patients treated by male surgeons may be more likely to have adverse outcomes—and more likely to die.

Meet Our 2022 Health Heroes

These inspiring Canadians are working tirelessly to transform lives, advocate for their communities and make sure we get the health...

Is It Covid, the Flu, or Something Else? This At-Home Test Kit Could Help You Find Out

It checks for three common winter illnesses and may help families avoid the ER

Manage Aches and Pains to Live Your Best Life

Chiropractic care can help you feel good again, so you can get back to what’s important.

Why Is It a Challenge for Women to Get Flat Closure After Mastectomy?

More and more women are choosing flat closure after mastectomy to avoid the additional risks and complications of breast reconstruction...

As a Cancer Journey Coach and Breast Cancer Survivor, I’m Changing the Narrative for Cancer

"Throughout my training, I felt the impact of what I was learning."

The Lesser-Talked-About Side Effect of Menopause

My mom never warned me of this…. A personal essay about peeing yourself.

Home Remedies That Can Help Your Headache Disappear

These natural home remedies for headaches will have you feeling better in no time.

It’s About Time We Talk About Breast Cancer Among Young Women of Colour

Women of colour — especially Black women under the age of 40 — have a disproportionate risk of being diagnosed...

How to Do a Self Breast Exam

Along with routine screenings, frequent at-home examinations are the key to knowing your norm and catching any concerning changes.

Jeanne Beker on Finding Community and Support Through Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

"It's such a wonderful feeling to know that you've got so many hands to hold."

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These All-Natural Home Remedies Can Help Boost Your Energy

Did you know that feeling tired is the number one health complaint? Try these natural home remedies for fatigue.

Why Trans People Are Forced to Self-Advocate for Decent Healthcare

In this candid essay, Jacklynne shares their experience and advice for trans individuals navigating the Canadian health care system.

13 Silent Signs You Have a UTI

The symptoms of a urinary tract infection can range from subtle to very obvious.

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Make Hives Disappear With These Simple Home Remedies

Here's how to relieve the itching and get steps on preventing hives and avoiding your triggers.

19 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Energy

Tired of feeling tired? We hear you. That's why we rounded up easy ways to boost energy.

Can You Reprogram an Injured Brain?

An expert explains how we can reprogram cells, why the gut-brain connection is so exciting and what personalized medicine means...

“It Sometimes Seems Illogical to Stay in Nursing When I Could Earn More for Much Less Effort i...

Health care workers in Canada are currently fleeing the field, with one out of every four nurses planning to quit...

Urinary Incontinence Affects So Many Women in So Many Ways. Here’s How to Find Some Relief

An expert shares tips on how to stay comfortable when experiencing incontinence.

Nurses Share the Extra Items They Keep On-Hand to Do Their Jobs

You work hard. Nurses work harder. Here’s what three of them pack in their bags to get through a high-stakes...

Why Doctors Should Be Versed in Linguistics and Sociology

Education scientist Nicole Woods on making sure doctors don’t just know what to do—but why they’re doing it

The Most (and Least) Painful Places to Get a Tattoo

There's a reason popular spots for a tattoo include the shoulder, outer arm, calf, and buttocks.

Natural Home Remedies for Bug Bites You Need in Your Back Pocket

Bug bites are an inevitable part of summer, but you don't have to suffer. Try one of these home remedies...

How Heart Disease Affects Women Differently Than Men

After having a heart attack, Vincenza Spiteri DeBonis, 64, shares her experience of learning to take care of herself and...

The True Cost of an Abortion in Canada, According to an Expert

Abortion is typically covered by insurance for people with a Canadian health card, but there are additional costs that are...

“For All Those Years, No One Told Me Anything”

Roop Bassra, 38, shares her story of living with endometriosis — and how a lack of access to resources led...

You’re Stuck in a Rut (Thanks COVID)—Here’s What to Do

Experts explain why pulling yourself out of your rut is good for you.