Remember When Meghan Markle Modeled for Reitmans?

Meghan Markle was involved in all aspects of the design process, she told Best Health.

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Meghan Markle collection dresses
photo credit: reitmans

The Meghan Markle Collection for Reitmans

Once upon a time, before she met Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was an actress living a relatively quiet life in Toronto (at least compared to now!). Back in the spring of 2016, she partnered with Canadian retailer Reitmans and even modeled for the Quebec-based fashion brand. Prior to that, she was named ambassador for Reitmans’ Fall/Winter collection. 

Here’s a look at the collection of dresses that the Suits actress collaborated on (all at very accessible price points — under $100! — we might add). In partnership with Reitmans, the Meghan Markle Collection included four unique dress styles that each reflected an aspect of Meghan’s life. (Have you heard about the adorable connection between Meghan Markle and Elle DeGeneres?)

“I’m really excited. It’s the first time I’ve ever designed and we’re launching with a dress collection of four signature, staple dresses. I’ve been involved in every facet of [the design process], so it’s really personal,” she told us for our May issue cover story (which was one of her first magazine covers!).

Click through to see full photos of the collection. Our favourite has to be The Date Night, a a flirty mini dress in a dreamy berry hue. Who knows, maybe she’ll pull it out for a date with Harry someday soon.

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The Meghan Markle Collection: The Terrace

An edgy asymmetrical hem makes this little white dress perfect for a cocktail here, there and everywhere, $90.

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The Meghan Markle Collection: The Date Night

Irresistibly soft and flirty so you can go with the flow no matter what the plans are, $80. Maybe a date with Prince Harry? Here’s more on how Meghan is prepping for her wedding to Prince Harry.

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The Meghan Markle Collection: The Sunset

The most elegant maxi ever, with flowing floral prints for a breath of fresh air, $95.

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The Meghan Markle Collection: The Soirée

This little black number is designed to ensure every night’s a bit of an adventure, $85. This was Meghan Markle’s favourite workout when she lived in Toronto.

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Meghan Markle Collection Reitmans
photo credit: reitmans

The Meghan Markle Collection: Reitmans Fall/Winter

On working with Reitmans, Meghan told us: “It’s such an honour to be working with Reitmans. I mean for a 90-year-old, family-owned  company to trust me with that feels really exciting. It’s also much closer to how I would shop and dress in real life by pairing high and low pieces. Often, women come up to me and say ‘Oh, I love that skirt you were wearing on that episode last week. Who was it by?’ And then you see this crestfallen look on their face when I tell them it’s a $5,000 Tom Ford skirt. Who in the world is going to buy that? To be able to work with a brand [like Reitmans] where you can have pieces that feel just as styled and chic ‘ It just feels really cool to be a part of that.”

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Meghan Markle Collection Reitmans
photo credit: reitmans

The Meghan Markle Collection: Reitmans Fall/Winter

Meghan on how her style changed after Suits: “Being an LA girl, my style was naturally a lot more relaxed when I first started working on [Suits]. It still has a casual flare to it but it’s a bit more polished. Whereas I would have normally put on jeans and flip-flops, I’ll now put on a beautiful flat with my jeans or a gorgeous heel. I’ve learned to keep the balance of that California girl aesthetic in a more refined way.”

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Meghan Markle Collection for Reitmans
photo credit: reitmans

The Meghan Markle Collection: Reitmans Fall/Winter

Meghan on the similarities between her style and Rachel Zane’s: “Rachel comes from this old school, old money era. There’s an heirloom element to her clothes. With that said, just like I do with my own wardrobe, we mix and match everything in Rachel’s wardrobe. When you invest in a great piece, you’re going to pull it out of your closet again and again and put it with a different top or a different sweater. It creates a different, more modern look but it’s still the same timeless items. Rachel and I are very similar in that way.” (Notice how Meghan’s skin is always glowing? We’ve got details on her skincare routine.)

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