5 Must-Know Style Tips from Suits Star Meghan Markle

We sat down with Meghan Markle who plays the stylish and sexy Rachel Zane on Suits. Here, she shares the most important style tips she’s learned

5 Must-Know Style Tips from Suits Star Meghan Marklereitmans

Suit up, ladies! Reitmans has introduced Meghan Markle (aka Rachel Zane on the hit legal drama, Suits) as the ambassador of their Fall/Winter collection. We sat down with Meghan to chat about her style on and off screen and learned that Suits has been just as beneficial to her style sense as it has her career.

“The fashion education I’ve gotten while working on the show has been immense over the last five years,” she told us. “I’ve gotten to know designers and the value of tailoring, and my body and what works on my frame.”

Read on for more of Meghan Markle’s top style tips.

1. Balance a casual style with refined accessories

“Being an LA girl, my style was naturally a lot more relaxed when I first started working on [Suits]. It still has a casual flare to it but it’s a bit more polished. Whereas I would have normally put on jeans and flip-flops, I’ll now put on a beautiful flat with my jeans or a gorgeous heel. I’ve learned to keep the balance of that California girl aesthetic in a more refined way.”

2. Mix high and low-priced items

“It’s such an honour to be working with Reitmans. I mean for a 90-year-old, family-owned  company to trust me with that feels really exciting. It’s also much closer to how I would shop and dress in real life by pairing high and low pieces. Often, women come up to me and say ‘Oh, I love that skirt you were wearing on that episode last week. Who was it by?’ And then you see this crestfallen look on their face when I tell them it’s a $5,000 Tom Ford skirt. Who in the world is going to buy that? To be able to work with a brand [like Reitmans] where you can have pieces that feel just as styled and chic ‘ It just feels really cool to be a part of that.”

3. Don’t underestimate the importance of tailoring

“On Suits, everything is tailored to fit perfectly.”

photo credit: reitmans

4. Invest in quality, timeless pieces

“Rachel comes from this old school, old money era. There’s an heirloom element to her clothes. With that said, just like I do with my own wardrobe, we mix and match everything in Rachel’s wardrobe. When you invest in a great piece, you’re going to pull it out of your closet again and again and put it with a different top or a different sweater. It creates a different, more modern look but it’s still the same timeless items. Rachel and I are very similar in that way.”

5. When in doubt, stick to the same colour family

“I’ll do a lot of monochromatic dressing. I think it creates a really chic silhouette.”

photo credit: reitmans

All clothing pictured on Meghan is Reitmans Fall/Winter Collection.