9 Comfortable Wireless Bras Available in Canada

Because let's be real—we're not going back to underwire.

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Best Wireless Bras in Canada

“Ripping off your mask when you get back in the car is the new taking off your bra when you get home.” You might remember this viral tweet that Twitter user @maggiecott231 shared in those early pandemic days, when many of us were embracing our new work-from-home life and thereby our new work-from-home dress code. The look was comfy-cozy, which meant many of us shifted away from confining underwire bras—and, arguably, they’ve yet to regain their appeal.

As the pandemic stretched on, sales of underwire bras dropped —but sales for wireless bras, specifically sports bras and bralettes, were up.

As someone who never fully graduated from her training bra, my padded underwire bras were the first garment to be furloughed in my work-from-home quarters. And once the reentry came around, I replaced all those bras with soft, padless bralettes, which comfortably (and proudly) show off my AAs.

Turns out that no matter your cup size, bras aren’t a necessity. According to the Cleveland Clinic, bras don’t prevent back pain or improve posture. In general, there’s a lack of research around the definitive health benefits, or ramifications, of wearing a bra. This extends to the rumour that bras can increase the risk of cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “there is no reliable scientific evidence that shows a link between wearing an underwire bra—or any other kind of bra—and developing breast cancer.”

So really, it’s just a matter of comfort. And for many of us, that means ditching the wires and letting our boobs be free.

Are you, too, ready to leave your underwire bras in the pre-COVID times? Here are the best wireless bras in Canada to replace them.

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Knix 002 Ecomm Wingwoman Bikini Black Size6+ 1
Imagel Knix

Knix’s WingWoman Contour Bra

Knix’s WingWoman Contour bra acts like a sports bra but has a sexy edge. It boasts a plunging neckline and foam cups, providing the shape and support you want without the uncomfortable underwire. The bra fits sizes 32A to 42H and comes in various shades of nude and other colours.

$78, knix.ca

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Pepper Everyday Lace Bralette Sienna Rose
Image: Pepper

Pepper’s Everyday Lace Bralette

This new brand that offers bras specifically for small chests is finally available in Canada. Their Everyday Lace Bralette features triangle cups with no pads, just a triple-layer lining to provide “just enough nip coverage,” according to their website. The bra fits sizes 30A to 40A and comes in six different colours.

$40 USD, wearpepper.com

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Hirrs 3069 2
Image: Hirrs

HIRRS’s Everyday Bralette

Vancouver-based company HIRRS is known for their superfluous-free designs, meaning their bras are made with no clasps, wires or tags, making them as comfortable as can be. One of the brand’s winning styles is their pull-on Everyday Bralette, which is cut from soft mesh fabric that prevents chafing. The bra has adjustable straps and fits sizes 28A to 40E, and comes in three colour options.

$54, hirrs.ca

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Vs Bare Infinity Flex Victorias Secret 2021 Bra Panty 8 Hi Res
Image: Victoria's Secret

VS Bare Infinity Flex

One of the bras from Victoria’s Secret’s latest collection is the Bare Infinity Flex bra, designed to fit your natural curves and reshape if your size fluctuates. Instead of a typical underwire, gel is used for support in this bra, which helps to add the support you need without digging into your skin. The bra is available in sizes 32B to 44D and seven colours.

$34, victoriassecret.com

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Third Love Formseamlessplungewireless White Pimacottonhipster Seasalt Pdp A 5 2021 2220 Copy 1068x1396
Image: Third Love

Third Love’s Form Bra

Third Love’s Form Seamless Midline Wireless Bra screams comfort. With stretchy, lightweight fabric and nothing to pinch or dig into your skin, this pull-over bra promises to provide the shape and support you need while keeping you feeling free. Fits sizes 36A to 34H and is offered in black and gray.

$45 USD, thirdlove.com

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Wonderbra Hns W3440 White Front
Image: Wonderbra

WonderBra Breathable Spacer Cup Wirefree Bra

For the right coverage under a fitted top, without the discomfort of an underwire, WonderBra’s Breathable Spacer Cup Wirefree Bra is the winner. With super-soft fabric and adjustable and convertible straps, it’ll easily become one of your most reached-for options. The bra comes in sizes from 36C to 42DD and is offered in both nude and white.

$26, wonderbra.ca

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Sokoloff Maika 2673 Dxofp
Image: Sokoloff

Sokoloff Lingerie’s Lilac Lilly Bralette

Handmade in Montreal using super soft bamboo and decorated with lace, this soft purple bra is equal parts comfy and pretty. Instead of an underwire, it features an adjustable elastic underbust for the perfect fit. Comes in sizes XS to L.

$54, sokolofflingerie.com

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Tomboy X=black Modal Bralette 1
Image: Tomboy X

TomboyX’s Lounge Bralette

TomboyX offers bras that everyone can feel comfortable wearing, regardless of their size or gender. The brand’s popular Lounge Bralette is a super-stretchy, super-soft pick with a thick elastic chest band that doesn’t pinch, irritate, or rise throughout the day. Offered in sizes XS to 4X.

$39, tomboyx.com

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Mary Young Sora Dr Front 1200x1800
Image: Mary Young

Mary Young’s Sora Bra

For a fuss-free everyday bra in a fun hue, Mary Young’s Sora Bra is an essential pick. Featuring a cross-over cup design, wide shoulder straps and a scoop back, this bra offers a flattering fit that also happens to be super functional—it’s the perfect bra to wear when breastfeeding. Comes in sizes XS to 2X, in sage, dusty rose, citrine, and black.

$66, maryyoung.com

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