5 Canadian Sports Bras for Bigger Busts

Exercise in style and comfort with these picks from Canadian brands and retailers.

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Sports bras are a necessity

People with larger busts know the struggle of trying to find cute bras and bralettes (especially at the trendy mainstream stores which never seem to carry anything bigger than a 36D). An even bigger challenge is finding a sports bra that fits (and actually keeps everything in place, dammit!).

Sports bras are a necessity for exercise. Since breasts have no muscle and no built-in support, they bounce around freely, guided by the movement of your body. And, as any person with breasts can attest, this can be super uncomfortable.

Along with comfort, a well-fitting sports bra is also integral to self-confidence while getting active. It starts young: according to a UK-based study of girls aged 11 – 18, 74 percent reported that their breasts discouraged them from participating in sports, either because they were too big, too small, too painful or, the most common complaint, too bouncy. Sports bras, which decreases bounce and pain, have been shown to significantly reduce embarrassment in young girls and encourage participation in physical activity.

It’s the same for adult women. One study found that 17 percent of women avoid exercise because of some breast-related factor, and another study found that 46 percent of women with breasts categorized as large feel discouraged from working out because of their breasts.

Luckily, there are Canadian options designed with bigger chests in mind. Here are five sports bras for bigger busts.

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Knix Resize
Courtesy of Knix

Knix Catalyst Front Zip Sports Bra

One of the highlights of Knix’s Catalyst bra is that it’s an encapsulation bra—which means it has cups that are designed to hold each breast separately to reduce bounce and avoid the uniboob look that’s often associated with sports bras. The bra is available in a huge range of sizes, from 32A to 42G, and has an adjustable band and straps so you get the perfect fit. The Catalyst also features a front-zip closure for those with limited range of motion, or anyone who wants to just tear their bra off after a hard workout (guilty as charged).

$98, knix.ca.

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Hyba Resized
Courtesy of Reitman's

Reitman Hyba Scoop Neck Sports Bra

Reitman’s athleisure line Hyba has bras that fit busts up to 50.5 inches (or a size 3X). The bra is a compression bra (meaning it doesn’t have built-in cups and it’s typically pull-over) which is ideal for low intensity activities like walking and yoga. The bra also comes with removable pads if you want a bit more coverage.

$45, reitmans.com.

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Sweat Society Resized
Courtesy of Sweat Society and Anita

Sweat Society Momentum Sports Bra

This Vancouver-based activewear retailer stocks a variety of size-inclusive products for any exercise need. This bra, from the brand Anita, is an encapsulation bra that features a high-cut panel for extra support, adjustable band and straps and a shaped cup for a perfect fit. All this extra support makes it great for high-intensity activities like running and HIIT. Though the website only features up to size 38G, you can email the store and order your size—the bra itself goes up to a 46H!

$124, sweatsociety.ca.

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Lesley Hampton
Courtesy of Lesley Hampton

Lesley Hampton Padded Sports Bra

Lesley Hampton is an Indigenous-owned and size-inclusive clothing company based in Toronto. Aside from their signature collection of everyday clothes, Lesley Hampton also has a colourful and size-inclusive athleisure line. This padded sports bra fits up to a 45.5 inch bust (or a 2XL) and features a wide elastic band under the bust for extra support. The compression style makes this bra great for low to medium intensity activities.

$108, lesleyhampton.com.

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Lululemon Resized
Image courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon Enlite Bra Front Zip High Support

This bra from the athleisure staple Lululemon is designed with running in mind. It’s an encapsulation bra made of Lululemon’s Ultralu Fabric, which is sweat-wicking, quick-drying and has a four-way stretch. The Enlight Bra also has a back clasp and front-zip to make it easy to take on and off. The bra goes all the way up to an E cup with tons of band size options (from 30 to 40).

$108, lululemon.com.

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