9 Pro Tips to Find The Perfect Swimsuit

You’ll never hate shopping for a swimsuit again. Your next shopping session is guaranteed to end in success with these nine pro tips.

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Find your perfect swimsuit

Between the endless racks of styles, bad change room lighting, and the need to show your half-naked body to a complete stranger, it’s no wonder women find swimsuit shopping to be a daunting experience. To find out how to buy the perfect swimsuit, we spoke to Kathleen Lattin, a fit expert at Swimco, a Canadian swimsuit retailer known for their focus on fit and body confidence. Read on to find out what you should wear shopping, who not to bring and what style to pick when all else fails.

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Shop at a Swimwear Boutique

Next time think about hitting up a store that specializes in swimwear, as it can majorly improve your experience. Swim-focused boutiques typically hire staff who are sensitive to women’s body concerns and are trained product experts, meaning they can make reliable recommendations. Plus some shops even offer more natural change room lighting and non-distorting mirrors.

Jessica Simpson Whipstitch Full Figure Underwire Bikini, $97 for top and $76 for bottoms at swimco.com.

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Consider Your Undergarments

The day you’re shopping for a swimsuit it’s not the time to blindly throw on any pair of underwear, as it can be distracting when trying on certain styles. “It’s always a good idea to wear nude coloured underwear in a thong or cheekier cut,” suggests Lattin. “If your underwear is full [coverage], it may show at the leg lines of the suit.” You should also be prepared to take off your bra. It can be difficult to know the true fit of a swimsuit if you’re wearing a bra underneath.

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Arrive Beach Ready

A little prep will go a long way when it comes to how you feel swimsuit shopping. Essentially you want to pretend you’re about to step on a beach wearing your new suit. “Get that bikini wax done, use some tinted moisturizer or self-tanner, and shave your legs!” recommends Lattin. “Something as small as having a bit of colour can change the way you feel in swimwear.”

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Don’t Look at the Size Tag

Clothing is notorious for having inconsistent sizing from one brand to the next and with swimwear the rules change yet again. “Swimwear sizing is different than most clothing sizing, so don’t be afraid to go up a size,” says Lattin. “Fit is more important.” It’s easy to get caught up in the number on the tag, but instead focus on how the suit looks and feels.

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Leave the Entourage at Home

Friends and family can be helpful when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress or new pair of shoes, but you’re better off making it a solo mission when shopping for the perfect swimsuit. While a friend might say you look amazing in everything, a trustworthy sales associate will have a more objective opinion. “We know our stock and will be able to better pull the correct styles and sizes,” explains Lattin who says it’s important for customers to leave happy with their bathing suit. “We promise to make sure each customer walks out looking and feeling great.”

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Come in With an Open Mind

Leave negative thoughts and any preconceived ideas about what looks good on you at home. “My advice would be to go in with an open mind and a positive outlook,” admits Lattin. “We have seen the suits on all shapes and sizes.” This means trying on bathing suits you may not have considered on your own or that don’t look perfect on the hanger. You may be surprised what you end up loving on yourself!

Skye Zanaka Mercedes High Neck Bikini, $64 for top and $56 for bottoms at swimco.com.

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Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Enlisting the help of a sales associate or in Swimco’s case, a fit expert, can make all of the difference in helping you find the perfect swimsuit. They can steer you in the right direction and caution you against trying on suits that might not flatter your body type. Plus they can bring options into your dressing room and provide honest feedback. “Our Fit Experts want to help you find the perfect suit that will help you to feel good half naked,” says Lattin.

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Scuba-style black one-piece

Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Black is a fail-safe option

Like your favourite LBD, a black swimsuit can be a universally flattering go-to option. “A classic black swimsuit will almost always do the trick and will stand the test of time,” says Lattin. When it comes to selecting a style, you can’t go wrong with a one-piece since it looks good on everyone at every age.

Profile Monte Carlo High Neck Zip One-Piece, $174, swimco.com.

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halter neck bikini

Perfect Swimsuit Tip: Shop for Your Body Type

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wearing a bathing suit, but you can pick styles to help enhance or minimize certain assets. “Pattern or embellishment on top helps draw the eye up and away from the hips and booty,” explains Lattin. “Skirted bottoms or flared shorts help minimize the hip area, and also help to balance out someone who has a larger bust or smaller bottom.” And if you want to stand out? A bold print or colour will do the trick.

Prana Riviera Lahari Halter Bikini, $70 for top and $65 for bottoms at swimco.com.

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