The best shoes for runners

Running is an inexpensive sport, but where you should spend some money is on quality shoes. Here are our picks for the best shoes for runners

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How to choose the right runners

The right running shoes can really make or break your workout-you need the right type of support and a great fit in order to avoid injury. Go to a reputable store and let the experts guide you, but expect to try on quite a few pairs. “Beginners need to be properly assessed in terms of biomechanics,” says Deere. Are your feet wide? Narrow? Do you have bunions? Do your feet pronate (roll inward)? “The sales expert will look at you walking in them,” he says.

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Different types of running shoes

Running shoes generally come in one of three categories:

• Cushioning shoes are for underpronators: You have high arches, and ankles that tend to roll outward.
• Stability shoes are for normal pronators: You land on the outside of the heel and then roll moderately inward.
• Motion control shoes are for overpronators: You have flat arches, and your feet and ankles roll in excessively.

Be sure to try on shoes from each category to find the one that’s most comfortable for you.

Here are just a few options of good running shoes available at sports equipment stores across Canada (prices listed here are specific to Running Room stores).

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saucony triumph

1. Saucony Progrid Triumph 7

Category: Cushioning

These provide maximum cushioning at minimum weight. Saucony shoes are great for people with wide feet. ($170)

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adidas adistar

2. Adidas AdiStar Salvation 2

Category: Stability

These are extremely shock absorbent and breathable. ($160)

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mizuno rider

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 13

Category: Cushioning

These shoes, which are designed for the normal pronator, are known for having good ventilation. ($155)

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asics 2150

4. Asics GT-2150

Category: Stability

These shoes are lightweight and come in various widths. They’re the latest model in the bestselling GT-2000 series. ($160)

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nike air span

5. Nike Air Span+ 7

Category: Stability

These offer cushioning and support for the mild overpronator or normal pronator. ($130)

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brooks ariel

6. Brooks Ariel

Category: Motion control

These shoes offer excellent support and long-lasting cushioning for runners with flat arches and excessive pronation. ($150)

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