How to Buy the Best Sports Bra for You

To make sure everything is in place when you’re running, jumping or lifting, here’s a strategy to buy the perfect sports bra.

Have you ever worked out in the wrong bra before? We feel your pain. It’s no wonder it’s so uncomfortable: Your boobs move up and down and side to side when you exercise. Depending on your cup size, they can move around a lot: A D cup can move almost eight centimetres. Here’s what you need to know before purchasing your next sports bra.


Sweat wicking — like this polyester/elastane combo — is a must to keep you dry in intense workouts or summer heat. Perforations in the fabric that allow air to flow freely through your sweaty bits are a cool bonus. (Related: These pieces of exercise equipment will maximize your at-home workouts.)


Look for a bra that has the tech to mould to your body’s shape to keep you extra-comfy during workouts. Plus, make sure that you’re wearing the right cup size.


This is the anchor of the bra, so look for a wider band if you need more support. Make sure that your band fits snugly around your body (think: a good hug) and stays parallel to the floor to achieve optimal support.


Look for crossed and adjustable straps to avoid shoulder slippage. If your straps are digging in, it’s an indicator that your band is too loose. (Related: Here are the best leggings for exercising indoors.)


Always buy a bra that you can wear comfortably on the loosest hook. Since your band will stretch with time, you can work your way in. Give yourself three months and then it’s time for a new bra.


A racerback style secures the bra closer to your body and provides more support, while wide straps distribute the weight better (that’s key for bigger cup sizes).

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada