Mom-to-daughter secrets for staying young

Daughters share their mothers’ (and grandmothers’) secrets for staying young

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kate hudson

Use a light hand with makeup

That’s what Almay brand ambassador Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn advised when they teamed up for a Mother’s Day campaign. “The best tip I learned from my mom is how to do a quick face…with mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and good lip gloss,” Hudson told us.

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relax beach

Don’t get stressed

“Great advice from my beautiful 93-year-old grandmother: Don’t let yourself get stressed over the little things.”

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running beach dog

Get moving

“Keep moving to wherever, and doing whatever…but just keep moving.”

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sitting less woman office work desk job

Work for as long as you want

“My mom is 84 and she still works part-time, and that helps keep her spirits high. If there is a problem, she also says, ‘We shall overcome!'”

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sunhat smiling gardening

Avoid the sun – and have a sense of humour

“Stay out of the sun; don’t get married; and don’t have children. LOL.”

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lemon water

Drink water

“Drink lemon water each and every morning.”

“My grandma Grace used to have a bottle of water with her at all times….and she was the most beautiful grandma ever! Dearly missed.”

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Take naps

“My grandmother took a short nap every day; she lived until she was 94.”

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Wash with rosewater

“My grandma washes her face with rosewater every day.”

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love your body

Love yourself

“I am blessed with an amazing Mum! She says, ‘Stay active and love yourself.’ And, oh yeah, that salt and water cures most ailments.”

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friends laughing

Laugh a lot with good friends

“Make sure your life has friends, family and lots of laughter, because every wrinkle has a good memory that comes with it.”

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women eating restaurant

Make lunch the biggest meal of the day

“My grandparents both lived long lives. They had their big meal at lunchtime and soup for dinner.”

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Stay active

“My mom-in-law is amazing, and it’s all in her attitude! She says it’s important to stay active as much as possible and not give in to the ‘number.'”

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