Make Ahead Meals For That Big Family Dinner

Healthy side dishes: Check. Guilt-free dessert: Check. Turnip recipe that even finicky eaters will ask for seconds of: Check. We have you covered with these make ahead meals.

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make ahead meals, countertop
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Make ahead meals will save you more than time – it will save your mind!

Feeling stressed about prepping for the festivities ahead? Take a deep breath and read on about our favourite make ahead meals.

We’ve got you covered with fabulous ideas to complement the main event – whether that’s turkey or ham – as well as a luxe app and an Insta-worthy dessert that will serve 10. Use our make-ahead calendar now, so you can spend more time mingling and making memories on the big day, which, really, is the best gift of all.

This is how you survive the season with your health in tact! 

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Pate, appetizer dip
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What Is Gravlax Pâté? It’s Literally The Perfect Party App

A festive celebration demands a special appetizer to complement the main event, and this pâté is the right mix of luxury and ease.

Get the make ahead meals recipe: Gravlax Pâté.

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Potato Gratin
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You’ll Want To Serve This Turnip & Potato Gratin With Every Holiday Meal

Rutabaga has a tangy sharpness that makes it a good match for rich potatoes. This is a perfect make-ahead dish for anything from roast beef to turkey.

Get the make ahead meals recipe: Turnip & Potato Gratin.

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Braised Cabbage, side dish
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This Sweet & Sour Braised Cabbage Is The Perfect Side Dish

Take a load off your holiday prep with a make-ahead braised cabbage that won’t disappoint. This hearty side dish pairs well with ham, turkey and even goose.

Get the make ahead meals recipe: Sweet & Sour Braised Cabbage.

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Semifreddo, dessert
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This Almond & Brandied Cherry Semifreddo Will One Up Your Fave Ice Cream

Indulge your guests in an Italian delight this holiday season with a semifreddo dessert that’s similar to ice cream but a little richer and silkier.

Get the make ahead meals recipe: Almond & Brandied Cherry Semifreddo.

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