Kate Hudson’s Worst Kept Fitness Secret

Her body is fit. Her motivation is second to none. But what’s her secret? We decoded her Instagram to find out how the star always looks red-carpet ready.

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Kate Hudson Fitness Routine, Kate Hudson seen on the red carpet
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The secret to Kate Hudson’s fitness routine? Variety

When you’re the face of an activewear company like Fabletics, you have to walk the walk when it comes to fitness. But what Kate Hudson gets right in her routine is where so many of us miss the mark: Variety in our workouts.

We’ve all heard that switching up your workout routines is what’s going to get you serious results, whether it’s flexibility, stamina, muscle toning or even weight loss. But adding variety doesn’t have to mean abandoning your go-to fitness style. If we take a cue from the L.A. native, she keeps her routine interesting while also trying different varieties of sculpting and toning workouts. Not convinced? Hudson’s Instagram account is the fitspo that you need.

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Kate Hudson Fitness Routine, Kate Hudson in tree pose yoga

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Yoga

The starlet and celebrity daughter is a longtime yoga-lover and frequently posts in some of her favourite poses, including tree pose.

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kate Hudson fitness routine, Kate Hudson working out on the cadillac reformer

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Pilates

Kate Hudson got a Gratz Pilates machine in her home and has been putting us to shame ever since with her acrobatic fitness abilities. If you’ve ever take a reformer or a cadillac class, you know that these machines are no joke, but the strength that they build is unparalleled.

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Kate Hudson fitness routine, Kate Hudson doing kick backs

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Targeted glutes

Kate Hudson has notably worked on her booty for some time and when she endorsed the butt-firming contraption the Booty Belt on Instagram a couple years ago, a lot of people hopped on board. Another one of her glute-building secrets? Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Kate Hudson Fitness Routine, Kate Hudson doing a dance routine

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Dance

From training with her longtime friend to working with celebrity and butt-kicking dance/cardio/fitness instructor Nicole Winhoffer (who is known for her killer muscle-toning moves), Kate Hudson knows that the secret to long, toned muscles is a dancer’s routine. Oh, plus the occasional family dance party, too.

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Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Pole dancing

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What a way to flaunt all of your hard work while also giving yourself a serious fitness challenge. Pole dancing demands serious core strength and is a fun and super-sexy way to switch up your routine (in more ways than one).

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Kate Hudson Fitness Routine, Kate Hudson going for a bike ride with her mom Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine: Outdoor sports

By now there should be no question that Kate Hudson is a pretty active lady and her biking, hiking, skiing and surfing trips round off her already active lifestyle. I guess we just figured out her anti-aging secrets (although we think she also has good genes).

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