Why Lagree Fitness is the Mega Workout You’ve Been Looking For

We asked Sebastien Lagree, creator of the Lagree Fitness Method, to tell us why so many women, including celebs, are loving this workout.


What is the Lagree Fitness Method and why is it such a hot trend?

The Lagree Fitness Method is a high intensity but low impact workout that will tone and strengthen your muscles very quickly and without bulking up. We use specific sequences of common exercises such as lunges, push-ups and planks as well as exercises specific to the Megaformer (a special rolling platform machine similar to the Pilates Reformer).

What makes this workout effective for people of different ages and fitness levels?

The Megaformer uses variable elastic tension, which allows anyone to work against his or her own range of resistance. By moving further up or down on the equipment, you can increase or decrease the level of resistance and work at your own pace.

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