What The Wrong Shampoo Is Doing To Your Scalp

If you are using the wrong shampoo, you are sabotaging your hair and your scalp. Here is what you should look for in a shampoo.

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Pick the wrong shampoo, and you could damage your scalp

The road to dream hair starts well before you pick up a styling tool or even set foot in the shower. Selecting the wrong shampoo can can make or break your locks, but the right one can be a game changer.

“It’s important because the proper shampoo will target your particular hair issues, such as dryness, lack of volume and colour protection,” says Marie-Pier Lessard, integrated communication leader at L’Oréal Professionnel in Montreal. “It will help you manage your hair and make styling so much easier.”

How to find the right shampoo for you

Finding the right fit can take some experimenting and big-picture thinking.

“Your everyday habits play a huge part in the overall health of your hair,” says Marie-Eve Faucher, brand ambassador for Redken Canada. “From how often you hit the gym to how frequently you use hot tools, your lifestyle can affect the look and feel of your hair.”

For Roger Medina, a hair expert for Garnier, focusing on the needs of your roots rather than your ends is the secret to finding a best-for-you shampoo.

“You need to exfoliate the scalp,” he says. “It stimulates hair health and promotes growth. But you don’t want to strip all the oils out of your hair.” As a preventive pre-shampoo step, Medina recommends his “best remedy,” which is combing your hair to distribute naturally occurring oils.

How to stop buying the wrong shampoo

Keep an eye on labels, opting for shampoos that are free of ingredients that may coat hair or have a harsh drying effect.

Avoid waxes, silicones, sulfates and parabens whenever possible. The same goes for conditioners, which play a key role, too.

“Conditioner restores the hair to optimal health, adding shine and hydration,” says Lessard, who applies it from mid-length to ends only and leaves it on for two or three minutes before rinsing.

For Medina, this can be a make-or-break moment. “If you’re not rinsing away conditioner properly, you’re going to notice residue, which will eventually cause buildup,” he says. “It’s more forgiving on curls, but fine hair will look stringy.” (More conditioning tips: Here’s how to maximize your hair health, whether it’s grey or not.)

Your takeaway? Put some muscle into the final act.

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Originally Published in Best Health Canada