Our Favourite YouTube Workout Videos

Break a sweat in the comfort of your living room with these great fitness videos.

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The Best YouTube Workouts

Life happens, and sometimes you can’t make it to the gym or yoga studio. Whether you’re traveling and want to squeeze in a workout in your hotel room or just want to save money and do your workouts at home, break a sweat with our free YouTube workout picks, suitable for all fitness levels.

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Ultimate Back Workout, 5 Moves to Your Fittest Upper Body by Blogilates 

The perfect add-on to any workout, this nine-minute routine will help you build a strong silhouette.

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Yoga For Anxiety and Stress by Yoga With Adriene 

The next time you find yourself holding onto too much muscle tension, unroll your yoga mat. You’ll feel so much better after this relaxing 30-minute session.

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15 Minute Thigh Thinner by Rebecca- Louise 

If you’re looking for long lean legs, you’ve got to start targeting your thighs. This 15-minute video will leave you feeling toned and taller.

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At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment by Fitness Blender

The moves in this video may look easy, but you’ll definitely break a sweat during this intense cardio workout.

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5 Minute Love Handle Melt Down by Love Sweat Fitness

Want a quick ab workout? Try this skinny jeans-friendly floor routine.

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Advanced Yoga, Deepen Your Backbends by KinoYoga

Calling all advanced yogis! Learn how to deepen you backbends for a more satisfying stretch with this easy-to-follow video.

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How to Do the Splits with Nico by Psyche Truth 

We can all work on increasing our flexibility. If it’s your goal to one day do the splits (seriously, you can do it), follow this helpful video.

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7 Minute Workout to Lose Weight Fast, Burn Fat and Tone by Lumo Well

If you don’t have time for a full workout today, you can still get your heart pumping with this simple seven-minute, full-body workout.

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