Should You Only Workout Twice A Week?

A little bit of exercise really does go a long way.

weekend warrior photo credit: shutterstock

Should You Become A Weekend Warrior?

We all know how essential it is to stay active. Exercising helps you to think better, sleep better and will even help you have better sex.

Naturally, leading a healthy and active lifestyle will also increase your lifespan, but findings from a recent study shows that you might not to hit the gym as much as you might have previously thought.

People who crammed the World Health Organization’s recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise into two intense 75 minute long workout sessions, dubbed “weekend warriors”, were 34 percent more likely to live longer than people who don’t workout at all.

“It is very encouraging news that being physically active on just one or two occasions per week is associated with a lower risk of death, even among people who do some activity but don’t quite meet recommended exercise levels,” said one of the study’s authors, professor Emmanuel Stamatakis from the University of Sydney.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should toss your current workout regime out the window.

“For optimal health benefits from physical activity it is always advisable to meet and exceed the physical activity recommendations,” says Stamatakis.

We’d love to know: will this study change the way you exercise?