Craving Chocolate? 8 Healthy Ways to Get Your Fix

Craving chocolate? Indulge your sweet tooth with these healthy chocolate recipes instead

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chocolate cake large

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Enjoy the richness of chocolate-without gluten! This dessert is definitely decadent. Just a small slice with a cup of coffee is a perfectly satisfying way to end a meal.

Get the recipe: Flourless Chocolate Cake

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oatmeal cookies

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Look what happened to the traditional chocolate chip cookie! This recipe yields cookies with half the fat of the original, plus old-fashioned oats, which add a fibre boost. Yet, all this trimming has not slimmed down the flavour-these cookies will disappear fast.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

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cholcoate mousse

Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse

Cutting out dairy doesn’t have to mean cutting out delicious, decadent desserts. Use the highest-quality dark chocolate for the best flavour in this tofu-based chocolate mousse.

Get the recipe: Dairy-Free Chocolate Mousse

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mayan walnuts large

Spiced Mayan Chocolate Coated Walnuts

This simple and flavourful mix adds a fiery kick of cayenne pepper to make spiced Mayan chocolate-coated walnuts a perfect snack for entertaining or simply lounging.

Get the recipe: Spiced Mayan Chocolate Coated Walnuts

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Chocolate Almond Smoothie

This satisfying, antioxidant-rich chocolate almond smoothie will keep the hunger away for hours.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Almond Smoothie

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Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Most people’s ideal brownie is one that is moist in the centre, with a deep chocolate flavour. This recipe for fudgy chocolate brownies uses chocolate and cocoa powder to give plenty of chocolate flavour, and dark brown sugar for the desired texture

Get the recipe: Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

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hot chocolate

Hot Chili Chocolate

Warm up a cold winter day with a cup of this spicy hot chocolate. The added chili peppers give this drink an extra boost of vitamins A and C.

Get the recipe: Hot Chili Chocolate

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Rich Chocolate Torte

A generous amount of good-quality dark chocolate makes this cake beautifully moist and rich. The chocolate torte is perfect with a cup of coffee, or warm for dessert, with a spoonful of reduced-fat cream or yogurt and some fresh berries.

Get the recipe: Rich Chocolate Torte

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