How to host a healthy Oscar party

Throw a stylish Oscar party with this fancy but healthy menu

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oscar party

Host a healthier Oscar party

Oscar Night is a great excuse to indulge in celebrity glamour-and in some Hollywood-calibre snacks. So roll out your red carpet and invite your friends to come dressed in their finest outfits for an Oscar party at your place. These nutritious recipes will fit right in with the glitz of Tinsel Town while still being healthy enough for weight-concious starletts.

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Potato Latke Sandwiches with Smoked Salmon

Latkes are a treat and while they’re not particularly low in fat, the potatoes are a great source of vitamin C. Smoked salmon has slightly lower amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than fresh salmon but, like other oily fish, it provides a rich source of these essential nutrients. No wonder actresses love it.

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sundried tomato

Sundried Tomato and Basil Crostini

Little bites of bliss, bursting with all the flavours of the Mediterranean-here, sundried tomatoes are marinated with a blend of Italian herbs. These tomato and basil crostini are so delicious, your guests will never guess how healthy they really are. Triple this recipe for a quick hors d’oeuvre for your next party.

Each serving has 201 calories, 2 g total fat and 6 g protein.

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Beef Sliders Stuffed with Walnuts and Gorgonzola

These itty-bitty burgers pack big taste with the combination of crunchy walnuts, tender beef and gooey Gorgonzola. Baby arugula provides a perfect peppery match for these mouth-watering sliders.

Each serving has 249 calories, 15 g total fat (6 g saturated fat) and 12 g protein.

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turkey rolls

Turkey Sausage Rolls with Mango Chutney

We love these simple sausage rolls. Using turkey sausage meat instead of pork sausage helps keep the fat content down.

Each serving has 66 calories, 4 g total fat (1 g saturated fat) and 4 g protein.

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pear pizza

Pear and Prosciutto Grilled Pizza

Pears and prosciutto make a creative topping that’s sure to please-or try substituting other fruits you have on hand.

Each serving has 240 calories, 11 g total fat (3 g saturated fat) and 9 g protein.

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black forest cake

Hollywood Black Forest Mousse Cake

This very light cake is almost fat free, as it’s based on egg whites beaten to firm peaks and folded together with flour, sugar and cocoa powder. Cocoa delivers a rich chocolate flavour without the fat of chocolate. If actresses can eat it, so can you!

Each serving has 156 calories, 1 g total fat (0.5 g saturated fat) and 6 g protein.

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Celebrating a movie night wouldn’t be the same without popcorn. Popcorn counts as being a whole grain, so it’s actually pretty healthy for you. Keep it plain or add healthier toppings such as Parmesan cheese or a pinch of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Choose the natural butter 50 percent less fat popcorn from Orville Redenbacher’s or use your favourite brand of plain popcorn and season it yourself.

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