5 tips for a safe and happy road trip

Make your next car ride smooth and safe sailing

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Fill up

Fill up your car’s tank with gas and check the oil and tires the day before you leave so that you’re not dealing with unnecessary hold-ups.

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Plan your departure

Preferably leave on Sunday: a lot of holiday-makers will have already arrived at their destination and there will be fewer trucks on the road.

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Pack great snacks

Pack a picnic and a supply of drinks so you don’t have to line-up in a cafeteria or restaurant. If you’re travelling with kids, find rest areas where they can play, and that have baby-change facilities, if necessary.

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Make everything within arms-reach

Place any baby-care items that you may need during the trip in a separate bag that is easily accessible.

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Give yourself a break

Stop, revive, survive. No matter how quickly you might want to arrive at your destination, stop every 2 hours to stretch your legs.


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